A New Parallel Code Based on PVM

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Session 40 -- Computational Astrophysics I
Display presentation, Wednesday, 1, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[40.18] A New Parallel Code Based on PVM

Guohong Xu (AAS)

We have developed a new parallel code for solving purely gravitational problems by combining PM methods and TREE methods to achieve both high spatial solution and high mass resolution. Very prelimilary results will be shown to demonstrate the potential accuracy which the new code can reach. As a first application of the code, we tried to calculate the density profile and velocity dispersion of clusters of galaxies. Further work will be done to include hydrodynamics in the code. Very high computational efficiency is achieved by application of PVM (Parallel Virtural Machine) techniques in the code to configure many workstations into a virtural machine.

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