The FIRST Survey: The Second Year

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Session 8 -- Radio Surveys and Techniques
Display presentation, Monday, 9, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[8.02] The FIRST Survey: The Second Year

R.H.Becker (UCD/LLNL), R.L.White (STScI), D.J.Helfand (Columbia), M.D.Greeg (LLNL), R.A.Perley (NRAO)

The FIRST survey is now two observing seasons old. In the spring of 1993, ~120 hours of VLA B configuration time were used to image ~300 square degrees of sky in a 3 degree wide strip stretching from 07h15m to 16h30m RA(2000) and passing through the north Galactic pole. The data collected in 1993 have all been self- calibrated, CLEANed, and coadded. The resulting images are now freely available over internet thru several sources.

In the summer of 1994, ~480 hours were used to image an additional 1200 square degrees, widening the initial survey strip north to 41 degrees declination. This second set of data has been self- calibrated and production of CLEANed images is in progress.

We will discuss the quality of the FIRST data products including the accuracy of flux densities and positions derived from FIRST images and the fidelity of the individual images.

The current status of the survey can be obtained via the FIRST MOSAIC home page at /

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