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CSWA Chair; CSWA list manager Christina Richey (Smart Data Solutions, LLC) christina.r.richeyat symbolnasa.gov
CSWA; Women in Astronomy blogger; Chair, Site Visit Subcommittee Edmund Bertschinger (MIT) edbertat symbolMIT.EDU
CSWA; Women in Astronomy blogger David Charbonneau (Harvard Univ.)dcharbonat symbolcfa.harvard.edu
CSWA; AASWomen Editor Heather Flewelling (Hawaii IfA)heatherat symbolifa.hawaii.edu
CSWA; AASWomen Senior Editor; AASWomen list manager; CSWA list manager Daryl Haggard (McGill Univ.) haggardat symbolphysics.mcgill.ca
CSWA John Asher Johnson (Harvard Univ.) jjohnsonat symbolcfa.harvard.edu
CSWA; Blogger-in-Chief Jessica Kirkpatrick (Affiliation not available) drastrojessat symbolgmail.com
CSWA Jessica Mink (Harvard CfA) jminkat symbolcfa.harvard.edu
CSWA; Webmaster/WIA Database; Status Editor Nancy Morrison (Univ. of Toledo) nmorrisat symbolUTNet.UToledo.Edu
CSWA Stuart Vogel (Univ. of Maryland) vogelat symbolastro.umd.edu
Associated Contacts
AASWomen Editor Meredith Hughes (Wesleyan Univ.) elvoyerat symbolgoogle.com
AASWomen Editor Elysse Voyer (Randstad at Google) a.meredith.hughesat symbolgmail.com
AASWomen Editor Nicolle Zellner (Albion Coll.) nzellnerat symbolalbion.edu
Status Associate Editor Katy Garmany (NOAO)garmanyat symbolnoao.edu
Status Associate Editor Pat Knezek (NSF)pknezekat symbolnsf.gov
Status Associate Editor Joannah Hinz (Univ. of Arizona) jhinzat symbolas.arizona.edu
Status Contributing Editor Meg Urry (Yale Univ.) meg.urryat symbolyale.edu
AASWomen Submissions --- aaswomenat symbolaas.org
To CSWA Members --- cswaat symbolaas.org
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