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June 2016

No issue published

January 2016 - PDF, 10.3 MB; PDF, 762 KB (the smaller file may have lower image quality)

The Gender Distribution of AAS Members: 2015 – by Kevin B. Marvel - p. 1

From the Editor – by Nancy Morrison - p. 3

Expanding Potential, A Program for Inclusivity – by Nancy Morrison - p.5

The True Meaning of Techquity – by Libby Schaaf (Source: AWIS Magazine, Winter 2016) - p. 7

Women’s VC [Venture Capital] Champion Weighs in on Systemic Transformation – by Jonathan Sposato (Source: AWIS Magazine, Fall 2015) - p. 9

Book review: Our Separate Ways: Black and White Women and the Struggle for Professional Identity by Ella L. J. Edmondson Bell and Stella M. Nkomo – by Nancy Morrison - p. 14

June 2015 - PDF, 7 MB; PDF, 3.4 MB (the smaller file may have lower image quality)

The NASA SMD E/PO Community's Commitment to Diversity: Engaging Women and Girls in STEM – by Bonnie Meinke, Andrea Jones, Nancy Alima Ali, and the NASA SMD E/PO Community - p. 1

From the Editor – by Nancy Morrison - p. 3

Proudness: What Is It? Why Is It Important? And How Do We Design for It in College Physics and Astronomy Education? – by Angela Little - p. 7

Struggling Against Gender Bias in STEM Fields – by Ramin Skibba - p. 15

Book review: Archaeology, Sexism, and Scandal by Alan Kaiser – by Gerrit Verschuur - p. 18

January 2015 - PDF, 17.3 MB; PDF, 946 KB (the smaller file may have lower image quality)

Using Non-Cognitive Assessments in Graduate Admissions to Select Better Students and Increase Diversity – by Casey W. Miller - p. 1

From the Editor – by Nancy Morrison - p. 4

Senior Women Moving into Leadership Positions: Has ADVANCE Affected Junior and Senior Women Scientists Differently? – by Sue V. Rosser - p. 11

Women of Color in Academia: A Conference – by Nancy D. Morrison - p. 21

Book review and author interview: The Falling Sky by Pippa Goldschmidt – by Nicolle Zellner - p. 30

June 2014 - PDF, 3.11 MB

CSWA Survey: Two-Body Careers in Astronomy – by Erica Rodgers - p. 1

Note from the Editor – by Nancy Morrison - p. 3

How Workplace Climate Changes the Knowledge We Generate – by Meg Urry - p. 12

On Planck’s Law, Blackbodies and the Physics of Diversity – by Jedidah C. Isler - p. 16

Math and Verbal Performance of Men and Women Under Competition and Time Pressure – by Nancy Morrison - p. 19

January 2014 - PDF, 1.45 MB

The 2013 CSWA Demographics Survey – by A. Meredith Hughes - p. 1 (PDF, 790 KB)

Note from the Editor – by Nancy Morrison - p. 3

Why We Resist Unconscious Bias – by Meg Urry - p. 10 (PDF, 510 KB)

NSF Support of Women in Academia Since 1982 – by Nancy Morrison - p. 13 (PDF, 234 KB)

Report on "NextGen VOICES Results: Work-Life Balance" – by Johanna Teske - p. 17 (PDF, 263 KB)

Fed Up with Sexual Harassment – by Dara Norman - p. 20 (PDF, 172 KB)

June 2013 - PDF, 1.8 MB

Raising the Bar in Physics Graduate Education – by Meg Urry - p. 1

Note from the Editor – by Katy Garmany - p. 3

Women Who Changed Modern American Science – by Nancy Morrison - p. 8

One Personʼs Advice on the Two-Body Problem – by Annika Peter - p. 11

Book review: Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers – by Joannah Hinz - p. 13

January 2013 - PDF, 250 KB

Toward More Inclusive Family-Friendly Policies – by Megan Reiter - p. 1

Note from the Editor – by Katy Garmany - p. 3

"Unraveling Hardwiring" reprinted from Delusions of Gender Ch 16, by Cordelia Fine - p. 5

"Women vs Women" – by Joan Schmelz (reprinted from her blog posts) - p. 11

Practical Strategies for Soft Money Researchers Who Work Remotely – by Karly Pitman - p. 13

Book review: American Women and World War II by Doris Weatherford, and The Women Who Lived for Danger: Behind Enemy Lines During WW II by Marcus Binney – by Gerrit L. Verschuur - p. 16

June 2012 - PDF, 408 KB

GPS Groups: A Peer-Problem-Solving Approach To Mentorship – by Evgenya L. Shkolnik, Alexandra Surcel, Anat Shahar, and Hannah Jang-Condell - p. 1

Note from the Editor – by Katy Garmany - p. 3

A Workshop on Self-Promotion Techniques for Women – by Nancy Morrison - p. 5

On Hearing What is Said – by Gerrit L. Verschuur - p. 7

Gender-Specific Brains: Fact or Fiction – by Laura L. May Hoopes (Reprinted with permission from the Association for Women in Science, Fall 2011) - p. 10

ACS Awards: A Call for Action, Reprinted with permission from C&EN (Chemical & Engineering News, digital edition 12 Mar 2012) - p. 13

January 2012 - PDF, 1.4 MB

What Balance? Lessons from the AAS Special Work/Life Balance Panel, 11 Jan 2011 – by Blake Bullock - p. 1

Science Cheerleaders visit NASA – by Lynn Cominsky - p. 3

The Fourth International Conference on Women in Physics – by Meg Urry - p. 5

Unconscious Bias – by Caroline Simpson - p. 11

America’s Women: Four Hundred Years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates, and Heroines – Book Review by Joannah Hinz - p. 14

July 2011 - PDF, 1.1 MB

Building Respect and Inclusion in Astronomy: Strategies for Addressing and Overcoming Harassment – by Sheryl Bruff and Bernice Durand - p. 1

Editor’s Comments – by Katy Garmany - p. 2

'Women in Science' Groups as Instruments of Change – by Meredith Danowski - p. 10

Leaders in Science and Engineering: The Women of MIT – by Edmund Bertschinger - p. 11

Introduction to Unconscious Bias – by Joan T. Schmelz and Patricia Knezek - p. 14

Maria Mitchell and the Sexing of Science: An Astronomer among the American Romantics – Book Review by Kate Brutlag Follette - p. 16

January 2011 - PDF, full size, 2.6 MB - PDF, 777 KB, Acrobat 7.0 and later

Women in Astronomy; Meeting the Challenges of an Increasingly Diverse Workforce – by Anne Kinney - p. 1

Women and the Imposter Syndrome in Astronomy – by Rachel Ivie and Arnell Ephraim - p. 4

Do you think that’s appropriate? A survey of perceptions of behavior in student-advisor relationships – by Adam J. Burgasser - p. 8

STATUS Spotlight: Prof. Kelsey Johnson – by Joannah Hinz and Katy Garmany - p. 11

Book Review: Under the Radar: The first woman in radio astronomy – by Gerrit Verschuur - p. 12

June 2010

No issue published

January 2010 - (pdf)

Women and Mission Leadership – by Susan Niebur

Gender Differences in Academia – by Fran Bagenal

She is an Astronomer – by C. G. De Pree


June 2009

No issue published

January 2009 - (html) (pdf)

The Ongoing Demographic Shift in the AAS – by Kevin Marvel

Note from Editor – by Fran Bagenal

So, now you have a PhD... – by STATUS readers

In Praise of Daycare – by Meg Urry

Teaching as Hypatia of Alexandria – by Fran Bagenal

Women and Minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Upping the Numbersi – by Jennifer L. Hoffman

Snippets - News Briefs and Highlights – by the Editors

June 2008

No issue published

January 2008

No issue published

June 2007 - (html) (pdf)

Women in Canadian Astronomy: Fifteen Years of Hard Data – by Michael A. Reid and Brenda C. Matthews

Center for Astrophysics Gender Equity Report – by the Editors

Every Other Thursday: Stories and Strategies from Very Successful Women - by Ellen Daniell

Affecting the Climate for Women in Physics: The CSWP Site Visit Program – by Meg Urry

Review of Two Paths to Heaven's Gate, Nan Dieter Conklin - by Joan T Schmelz

Snippets: News Briefs and Highlights

January 2007 - (html) (pdf)

Using a Legal Toolkit to Fix the Leaky Pipeline: Overcoming Discrimination through the Interplay of Science and Strategy – by Charlotte Fishman

Denice Denton: A Personal Remembrance – by Meg Urry

Making Institutional Change – by Denice Denton

Does Gender Matter? - by Ben A. Barnes

White men, white coats, little change - by Nancy Forbes

Spotlight: A Section of Status - by the Editors

Review: The Female Brain, Louann Brizendine (Morgan Road: 2006. 279 pp. $24.95) - by Rebecca M. Young and Evan Balaban

Snippets: News Briefs and Highlights - by the Editors

Notes From a Life - by STATUS Readers

June 2006 - (html) (pdf)

Caroline Herschel as an Observer – by Michael Hoskin

The Feminine Mystique – by Betty Friedan

Editor's Note – by Fran Bagenal

Betty Friedan: Feminist icon of the 1960s, renowned for her bestseller, The Feminine Mystique – by Sheila Rowbotham

The Betty I Knew – by Germaine Greer

Breaking for Families: Women physicists find taking a leave is often hazardous to their career – by Kendra Snyder

New Childbirth Policy for Female Graduate Students – by Michael Pena with Gail Mahood

Snippets: News Briefs and Highlights – by the Editors

Notes From a Life – by STATUS readers

January 2006 - (html) (pdf)

Implementing Change and Finding Balance at NASA's GSFC – by Amy Simon-Miller

Editor's Note – by Fran Bagenal

Career vs. Family - How "The Man" Can Help – by Sarah Gibson

The Balancing Act: A Postdoc's Perspective – by Hannah Jang-Condell

Dorrit Hoffleit: From four-lead clovers to variable stars – by Pangratios Papcosta

Book Review: Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin: An Autobiography and Other Recollections – by Dorritt Hoffleit

Book Review: Beamtimes and Lifetimes: the World of High Energy Physicists – by Beth Hufnagel

Apollo Fever – by Fran Bagenal

Feedback – by Edward Adelson

Snippets: News Briefs and Highlights – by the Editors

June 2005 - (html) (pdf)

From the Editor – by Fran Bagenal

Interview with Margaret Kivelson

The Poster Project: Using Visual Means to Challenge Stereotypes – by the Editors

Raise Your Hand if You're a Woman in Science – by Virgina Valian

I'm Wired for Science – by Shannon McClintock

Diminished – by Discrimination We Scarcely See – by Meg Urry

Invisible Bias – by Chris Berdik

Applying to Graduate School II – by Fran Bagenal

Notices: A Section of STATUS – by the Editors

Notes From a Life – by STATUS readers

January 2005 - (html) (pdf)

Beatrice Tinsely: A Tribute – by Robert C. Kennicutt Jr.

Nobel Prize for a "Computer" named Henrietta Leavitt (1868-1921) – by Pangratios Papacosta

What Works for Women in Undergraduate Physics? – by Barbara L. Whitten, Suzanne R. Foster, and Margaret L. Duncombe

Applying to Graduate School – by Fran Bagenal

Notes From a Life – by STATUS readers

Women in Canadian Astronomy: A Ten Year Survey – by Michael A. Reid and Brenda C. Matthews

Progress on Gender Equity at Nine Top Research Universities – by J.L. Sokoloski

Childcare at University of Arizona: Investing in the Future – by Joannah Hinz and Jill Bechtold

June 2004 - (html) (pdf)

Pliers, pulsars and extreme physics – by Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Editor's Note – by Fran Bagenal

Portrait of a Decade: Results from the 2003 CSWA Survey of Women in Astronomy – by Jennifer L. Hoffman and Meg Urry

The Leaky Pipeline for Women in Physics and Astronomy – by Fran Bagenal

Voices from the Pipeline – by Sheila Widnall

The Astronomical Community Loses a Rising Star – by Patricia Knezek, Joannah Hinz, and Meg Urry

Diversity in Astronomy and Astrophysics: A Study of Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty ad PhD-Granting Departments – by Laura Lopez

A Prize Response – by Chris Russell

Notices: A Section of Status – by the STATUS Editors

Notes From a Life – by STATUS Readers

January 2004 - (html) (pdf)

"Summary of Women in Astronomy II Conference: Diversity Breeds Excellence" – by Meg Urry available in the October and December 2003 AAS Newsletters

Editor's Note – by Patricia Knezek

A Graduate Student's Perspective on the Women in Astronomy II Conference – by Jane Rigby

The Postdoc Perspective on the Women in Astronomy II Conference – by Beth Holmes

Pictures from the Women in Astronomy II: Ten Years After Conference – by the Editors

A Proven and Practical Approach to Hiring Women and Minorities – by Kathryn Johnson (with helpful comments from Daniella Claretta and Julianne Dalcanton)

Attracting and Retaining Women in Science and Engineering – by Sue V. Rosser

Do Babies Matter? - The Effect of Family Formation on the Lifelong Careers of Academic Men and Women – by Mary Ann Mason and Marc Goulden

Notes From a Life – by STATUS Readers

June 2003

No issue published

January 2003 - (html) (pdf)

Speeding up the Long Slow Path to Change – by Meg Urry

Women Partners in Law Firms: Best Practices for Much-Needed Change – by Linda Dakin-Grimm

Women, Math, and Stereotype Threat – by Dianne M. Quinn

"Show Me the Money": Salary Equity in the Academy – by Donna R. Euben

My Mother, the Scientist – by Charles Hirshberg

Notes From A Life – by STATUS Readers

Letter from Carolin Herschel (1750-1848) Poem – by Siv Cedering

Review of the Status of Women at the Space Telescope Science Institute – by the Editors

June 2002 - (html) (pdf)

The Status of Women in Physics - What, Why, and How to Change – by Aparna Venkatesan and Meg Urry

Reconcilable Differences: What it would take for marriage and feminism to say "I do" – by Janet C. Gornick

New Study at MIT Finds That Female Faculty Members Still Feel Marginalized – by Scott Smallwood

Women Who Have Children Early in Careers Hurt Their Chances to Achieve Tenure, Report Finds – by Thomas Bartlett

Origins and Results from the Reports on the Status of Women Faculty at Caltech – by Anneila I. Sargent

Book Review: Sex and Power, – by Susan Estrich Reviewed – by Meg Urry

American Astronomical Society's Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy (AAS/CSWA) Website Updates – by Amy Simon-Miller

Clarification on January 2002 STATUS Article on Top Astronomy Graduate Schools in the U.S. – by Meg Urry

Letter to the Editors – by Ann Zabludoff, Jim Liebert, Rob Kennicutt

January 2002 - (html) (pdf)

Gender Inequality and Cultural Change – by Catherine Pilachowski and Anneila Sargent

Women Physicists and Chemists are Making Slow Progress in Academe – by Valerie J. Kuck

Things Your Professor Should Have Told You – by Alice S. Huang

Addendum: "Yields" and "Parity Indices" for Top Astronomical Institutions – by Meg Urry and Valerie Kuck

Women in Academe, and the Men Who Derail Them – by Wendy M. Williams

Maria Mitchell: A Life in Journals and Letters, edited – by Henry Albers, College Avenue Press, Clinton Corners NY, 2001 Book Review – by Vera C. Rubin

Rosalind Franklin and the Double Helix – by Joan Schmelz

Ms. Mentor's Impeccable Advice for Women in Academia, – by Emily Toth Book Review – by Ann Wehrle

Announcing the Poetry Collection "A Responsibility to Awe" – by Alson Campbell

June 2001 - (html) (pdf)

Evaluation of the Status of Women in Astronomy – by Andrea Dupree

Women in Science at U.S. Universities: Criticism and Defense of the MIT Report – by Meg Urry

The Charge of The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) – by Catharine Jay Didion and Kelly Meeker

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You: Illogical Dimensions to being a woman scientist – by Kristy Dyer

Anonymous Letter to the Department Faculty – by Anonymous

Women and the Work/Family Dilemma – by Deborah J. Swiss and Judith P. Walker Book Review – by Ann Werhle

Why Women Leave Science – by Diane Hoffman-Kim

January 2001 - (html) (pdf)

A Tribute to Margaret Burbidge – by Vera C. Rubin

Women Editors of the Astrophysical Journal – by You-Hua Chu

The Two-Body Problem, Part II: Seeking Employment Solutions for Dual-Science-Career Couples – by Laurie McNeil and Marc Sher

"Good Morning Gentlemen, and Meg" - Astronomy: A Woman's Choice – by Ann Finkbeiner

From The Trenches - Views from Young Astronomers – by STATUS readers

Notes From a Life – by STATUS readers

June 2000 - (html) (pdf)

The Status of Women in Astronomy – by Meg Urry

Cultural Impact on the Percentage of Women in Astronomy – by Regina Jorgenson and Vladimir Strelnitski

You All Treat Me Like the Junior Scientist – by John Foley

A Personal Journey of Exploration through the World of Women Astronomers – by Regina Jorgenson

The Two-Body Problem: Seeking Employment for Dual-Science-Career Couples – by Laurie McNeil and Marc Sher

Reflection on Status and STATUS – by William C. Keel

In Memory of Caroline Herschel – by Kristy Dyer

Pregnancy and the Workplace - A Personal Perspective – by Lisa Frattare

Pregnancy "Note From a Life:" – by a reader contributor

Remember When... – by the Editors

Notes From a Life – by STATUS readers

January 2000 - (html) (pdf)

Glass Ceilings and Ivory Towers – by Margaret Burbridge

Editors' Note – by Meg Urry and Lisa Frattare

Views From an Affirmative Activist – by Howard Georgi

Young Astronomers' Views: Employment and Affirmative Action – by Lynne Hilenbrand

Young Astronomers' Views: Gender Bias Perceptions – by Lynne Hilenbrand

Women and Science at Yale – by David Gelernter

A Softer Touch for Tough Women: Coaching World Class Soccer – by John Powers

Science Has No Gender – by Sethanne Howard

Ruby Payne-Scott – by Kristy Dyer

Sofia Krukovsky – by Michelle Thaller

Notes From A Life – by STATUS readers

June 1999 - (html) (pdf)

Commentary – by Claude R. Canizares

MIT Women Win Fight Against Bias; School Admits Discrimination – by Kate Zernike

The Baltimore Charter and the Status of Women in Astronomy – by Meg Urry

Disparities in the Salaries and Appointments of Academic Women and Men – by Ernst Benjamin

Sexual Harassment: One (Male) Scientist's Journey – by Anonymous

Notes From A Life – by STATUS readers

I've Got a Little List – by Erica Jong

January 1999 - (html) (pdf)

The Status of STATUS – by Meg Urry and Lisa Frattare

Women, Culture, and Science – by Steven Beckwith

Women in Science: The Project Access Study – by Gerhard Sonnert

Sex, Schemas, and Success - What's Keeping Women Back – by Virginia Valian

Behind the Scenes, Behind the Screens – by Lisa Frattare and Meg Urry

June 1998

No issue published

January 1998 - (html) (pdf)

Women in Astronomy Database – by Priscilla Benson and Lisa Frattare

Keeper of the Base – by Lisa Frattare

From the Editor – by Kathryn N. Mead

To Encourage Young Scientists? Or Not? – by Alan Hale and Stephanie Lester

Update on Job Guidelines

June 1997 - (html) (pdf)

About This Issue – by Kathryn N. Mead

Letters to the Editor

Graduate Education – by Zodiac Webster

Some Thoughts on Tenure – by Marc L. Kutner

Life After Astronomy – by Barry Meyers-Rice

From The Editor

January 1997 - (html) (pdf)

About This Issue – by Kathryn N. Mead

Changes Can Be Made – by Carol Sibley

Physicists Working in Industry, Two Views – by Kathy Kirby and Nancy Forbes

Derailed on The Track to "Success" – by Anonymous

Update on Job Guidelines

New CSWA Web Pages

June 1996 - (html) (pdf)

About This Issue – by Kathryn N. Mead

Women in Engineering and Science: Does Anyone Care? – by John A. White

How to Survive Sexual Harassment – by Anonymous

Report on the AWIS Leadership Conference for Women – by Wendee M. Brunish

Update on Job Guidelines – by Marc L. Kutner

January 1996 - (html) (pdf)

Toward Fairer Job Searches: A Summary of the June AAS CSWA Session – by Nadine G. Barlow

October DPS CSWA Session – by Beatrice Muller

"Space for Women Day" at the Center for Astrophysics – by Julie Corliss

Results of Working Women Count! Questionnaires for Los Alamos National Laboratory – by Wendee M. Brunish

Personal Reflections on Extra Obstacles for Women in Science – by Jean Chiar