Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 13:35:42 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CSWA Newsletter of 2/17/99

            AAS Committee on the Status of Women
     weekly issues of  2/17/99, ed. by Priscilla Benson
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This week's issues:
1. Disparity of Salaries in Academia
2. Faculty Position at U. Penn
3. Postdoc Position at Queen's University
4. Perspectives in Graduate Education (March 4)
1.  Disparity of Salaries in Academia

Kevin Marvel pointed out to me an article on the AAUP web 
page about Disparities in the Salaries and Appointments of 
Academic Women and Men.  This is an update of a 1988 report 
which many of you may be interested in reading.  It follows 
up on much of the material in the last issue of Status.  We 
hope to have a speaker on this issue at the Chicago AAS 
meeting.  Although salary disparities have decreased in many 
categories, they have increased in " all-institution average 
salaries for full, associate, and assistant professors."  
The web address is:

Priscilla Benson

2. Faculty Position at U. Penn
From: "\"Chung-Pei Ma\""

Faculty Position in Astronomy and Astrophysics

University of Pennsylvania
Department of Physics and Astronomy

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of 
Pennsylvania invites applications for a tenure-track junior 
faculty appointment to work in the area of theoretical 
Astronomy and Astrophysics. The position will be part of the 
University's continuing, major expansion in Astrophysics. 
The previous appointments have focused on the areas of 
cosmology and large-scale structure formation, and of 
planetary and star formation, and preference will be given 
to those areas in the current search.  Candidates should 
have strong research credentials and be recognized as 
potentially successful teachers at the undergraduate and 
graduate levels. The starting date is July 1, 1999, although 
a later date can be arranged if necessary. Applicants should 
send a resume including a statement of research interests 
and a list of publications to: Prof. Paul Langacker, Chair, 
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of 
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6396.  Candidates 
should arrange to have three letters of recommendation sent 
to the same address. The University of Pennsylvania is an 
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Applications 
from women and members of minority groups are particularly 

3. Postdoc Position at Queen's University
From: (Judith Irwin)


                   Queen's University
                   Kingston, Ontario

Applications are invited for a 2-year postdoctoral 
fellowship in the study of the interstellar medium and the 
disk-halo connection in our own and other galaxies. The 
successful applicant will be expected to spend approximately 
half of his/her time working on projects related to the 
Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (see He/she may also expect a 
placement of a number of months at the National Centre for 
Radio Astrophysics in Pune, India 
( making use of the Giant Metre-
Wave Radio Telescope. In the second year, a modest amount of 
teaching at Queen's University may be requested.  The 
starting date is to be between Sept. 1 and Oct. 31, 1999.

Candidates must have completed all requirements for the PhD 
by the time of the appointment.  He/she should also have 
experience in aperture synthesis techniques, image 
processing and analysis. 

Interested individuals should submit a curriculum vitae, a 
statement of research interests, and arrange for two letters 
of reference to be received by March 31, 1999.   Please 
direct enquiries, and send applications and letters via 
email or fax (email is preferred) to:

Dr. Judith Irwin
FAX:    (91)-(20)-355-149 (Country code, city code, 6 digit 
fax no.)

4. Perspectives in Graduate Education (March 4)
From: "Wright, James P."

MARCH 4, 1999
ROOM 375


8:15	Continental Breakfast
9:00	Opening Remarks
9:15	1999 Perspectives of Graduate Education Presentation: 
Dr. Ellen Wert, Pew Charitable Trusts
9:45	Presentations Programs from Funding Agencies and 
Societies:  Emphasizing New Aspects.
10:15	Break
10:30	Continuing Presentations
11:20	Graduate Education Indicators including 
12:15	Lunch Break to pick up in-house lunch
12:30	Government Relations Presentations
1:15	Minority Graduate Education, 
	Shirley Malcom, AAAS
	NSF's new MGE Program
2:00	Graduate Education Support: What are the best 
3:30	Comments from the floor
4:00	Adjourn
March 4, 1999
Room 375



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End of CSWA Newsletter for 2/17/99