Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 09:56:30 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CSWA Newsletter of 4/21/99

            AAS Committee on the Status of Women
     weekly issues of  4/21/99, ed. by Priscilla Benson
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This week's issues:
1. Roommate wanted for Chicago AAS Meeting
2. Women in science survey
3. Where are the Women Cosmologists?
4. Correction of URL on job notice

1. Roommate wanted
From: (Sally Oey)

I'm seeking a roommate for the Chicago AAS.

Sally Oey

2. women in science survey
From: via Meg Urry

Dr. Female Scientist:

As a successful female in science, I would like to know how 
you beat the odds. My name is Jody Halterman and I am 
currently working on the Master's in Teaching Science at 
California State University, Fullerton. Over the years, 
there has been much research to investigate the variables 
that interfere with women choosing careers in science. 
Research has also looked at factors that help women persist 
in science from elementary through graduate school. However, 
what has not been examined is what influences women who do 
elect scientific careers. What factors contribute to their 
choice to persist in science?

My research for the Master's thesis will investigate factors 
that contribute to women's choices in persisting in science. 
To identify these factors, I am conducting an internet 
survey of female scientists in the United States, Australia, 
and Europe. By understanding the positive variables that 
help keep women in science beyond graduate school, 
recommendations for future teaching practices, research, and 
policy can be made. Thank you in advance for your 
cooperation.  Please complete the survey below and forward 
the entire edited email to

Please email this survey to other female colleagues and/or 
place on lister boards that might be suitable.  Responses 
should be returned before May 1, 1999. A summary of the 
results will be sent after the data is analyzed. 


Jody S. Halterman
Graduate Student
Department of Science Education
California State University, Fullerton
	Persistence in Science Survey - all info is 

I. Background Information 

State, Country:	
Marital Status:	
Highest Degree Obtained? -Date? - Field?
Were you married when you received your degree?
Did you have children when you received your degree? 
If yes, how did this affect your job decision?

II. Current Position

Organization Name:	
Date Hired:
Hours per week on Teaching:      Research:      Other

III. Attitudes Towards Science

What Is Your Definition Of Science?
How Did You First Become Interested In Science? 
At What Age? 
What Field Of Study?

IV. Family Background

Father's Educational Background:	
Mother's Educational Background:
Siblings Trained In Science:   
Spouse Trained In Science:
Parent Trained In Science:

V. Possible Factors
Please RANK the factors you feel were MOST INFLUENTIAL in 
your persistence in science. What factors kept you in a 
scientific career?  Type 1 for being the most influential 
and continue through 10, being the least influential.

Ability To Do Independent Research	
Ability To Arrange Child Care
No Sex Discrimination In Terms Of Hire/Promotion	
Thrill of Scientific Discovery	
Stimulating Job Atmosphere
Parent Encouragement	
Competitive Salary
Spouse Encouragement	
Other: Please List

VI. Additional Information

Please Elaborate On Your Number One Choice Form Above - Give 

Please Elaborate On Your Number Two Choice From Above - Give 

Please Elaborate On Your Third Choice From Above - Give 

What Do You Think Is The Number One Factor That Causes 
Female Scientists To Drop Out Of The Job Market?

Please Add Any Additional Comments That Will Reveal Factors 
That Help To Persist In Scientific Careers

*Suggestions on how to improve this pilot survey are 

Please email this survey to other female colleagues and/or 
place on lister boards that might be suitable.  Responses 
should be returned before May 1, 1999. A summary of the 
results will be sent after the data is analyzed. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this pilot survey. 
Please forward to

3. Where are the Women Cosmologists?
From: (Meg Urry)

I'm starting to keep a running list. Let's see what the 
statistics show. Jerry Ostriker says that the major 
contributions to cosmology in the post-war period were made 
by women. Then am I surprised that in a cosmological/high-
energy conference, recently announced, I count two women 
among 31 speakers (it's hard to be sure since they use
initials and I don't know everyone)?

No one conference need be representative, of course! The 
question is, what is the aggregate. So let's get started 
counting ...

           The David N. Schramm Memorial Symposium
                     INNER SPACE / OUTER SPACE II
                    Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
                	   May 26 - May 29, 1999

Plenary speakers include: R. Peccei, M. Davis, J. Lykken,
K. Olive, Y. Totsuka, J. Conrad, J. Bahcall, W. Haxton, C. 
Hogan, J. Ellis, B. Cabrera, S. Beckwith, T. Tyson, S.D.M. 
White, A. Szalay, G. Steigman, T. Piran, A. Olinto, J. 
Cronin, F. Cordova, S. Swordy, S. Ting, S. Ritz, W. Hu, D. 
Wilkinson, J. Carlstrom, S. Perlmutter, P. Steinhardt, A. 
Guth, N. Turok, A. Liddle.

4.  Correction of URL on job notice
From: Nancy Laubenthal

The URL in the NASA job announcement in the CSWA Newsletter 
of 4/7/99 on World Class Information Science Computing 
Opportunities was incorrect.  The correct URL is  Sorry for any inconvenience 
this may have caused.

Nancy Laubenthal

End of CSWA Newsletter of 4/21/99