Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 10:14:03 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CSWA Newsletter of 5/5/99

            AAS Committee on the Status of Women
     weekly issues of  5/5/99, ed. by Priscilla Benson
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This week's issues:
1.  CSWA at Chicago AAS Meeting
2.  URL for light pollution from Girl Scouts
3.  High School student asks about astrophysics
4.  Jobs

1.  CSWA at Chicago AAS Meeting

The CSWA open meeting will be at 1pm on Wednesday, June 2.   
The topic will be "Women Faculty in the Sciences:  How are 
we Doing?" Our speaker, Dr. Carolyn C. Narasimhan, Associate 
Dean of DePaul University, will lead off discussion about 
the progress of women scientists in academia.  Meg Urry will 
briefly give the results of the new Space Telescope Survey 
of women in selected institutions, and then we will open up 
discussion from all in attendance.  I hope to see you all 

Now the bad news:  the babysitting arrangements for the June 
AAS meeting in Chicago have been cancelled for lack of 
participation.  I am very disappointed with this result, 
because this is the first time the AAS Office has supported 
the child care endeavor.  Doug Duncan (on the Local 
Organizing Committee) and Alice Monet worked very hard to 
make excellent arrangements with a bonded provider in rooms 
especially designed and equipped for this purpose, and the 
AAS Office agreed to sign the contract and accept 
reservations and payment in advance. Readers of this 
newsletter have expressed in the past that there is a real 
need for good childcare at meetings and the CSWA believed 
arranging for this should be a primary concern of the 

Priscilla Benson
2.  URL for light pollution from Girl Scouts
From: "Helen M. Hart"

The URL is

The site has a strong presentation of the problem in story
form, leading into specific discussions and examples.  It
includes excellent representations of females understanding
and using technology, including the web.


3.  High School student asks about astrophysics
From: (Mary Lou West)

Subject: I want to study astrophysics
Tue May  4, 1999

I am sixteen and currently in Grade eleven in South Africa 
and will matriculate in the year 2000; At school we write 
the JMB examinations. My are all at higher grade level and 
Additional Mathematics
My senior school averages are as follows:
Mathematics 90%+
Add Maths 90%+
English 85%+
Science 85%+
Biology 80%+
Zulu 75%+
Drama 80%+

I have represented South Africa in Japan at the Karate World 
Championships in 1996 and was placed ninth. In addition, I 
have just been selected to the South African under nineteen 
rowing team and will compete in Hazewinkel and Amsterdam 
at the end of May and early June. I won a gold medal at the 
1999 South African Open rowing championships.

I want to study for a degree with Astrophysics as a major.
Please tell me what subject choices do I need to have to 
study for a degree with Astrophysics as a major? (Up until 
grade ten I took Computer Science in grade 10 and achieved 
an average of 98%,; but was advised to drop it in favour of 
Drama for grades 11 and 12 by my Drama teacher. If computer 
science is a prerequisite I will go back to that and pick up 
all that has lost. Please advise.

Do you know of any university that offers academic 
scholarships for sports people?  I would be most grateful if 
you could treat this as an urgent matter.

Claire Gray"
4. The Women of NASA
From:	IN%""  "Liz Bryson"

From 'Mercury', April, 1999:
Features profiles of women who have successful careers at 
NASA and discussions on how these women have balanced their 
personal lives with their professional careers.
Go to:

Submitted by Liz Bryson, Astronomy Librarian, Canada-France-
Hawaii Tel. Corp., Kamuela, HI.  96743
5. Jobs
From:	IN%""  "Debra Pughe"

Editor's Note:  This ad has been considerably shortened.  If 
you are interested, email Debra Pughe for the full ad.


Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley

Lawrence Hall of Science, the public science center and 
center for K-12 science and math education, at the 
University of California, Berkeley, is seeking a dynamic 
leader who will develop and market the Hall's professional 
development programs for educators, and build working
partnerships with schools and school systems to effect 
significant school change.

The Professional Development Director must be an inspired 
educator, leader and motivator; a good organizer and 
manager; and a keen judge of the abilities of others.  
Candidates must have a strong belief in the power of 
education, and be able to articulate a compelling vision for 
the future of science and math education, and the role it 
should play in improving the lives of children. 
Specifically, candidates must possess:
B.A./B.S. (higher degree preferred) with a strong background 
in science, math, and/or education, a strong academic and 
management leadership abilities, demonstrated ability to 
turn an ambitious vision into a working reality, in-depth 
knowledge of (direct experience preferred) the science 
and/or math education reform movement at the national level,
demonstrated record managing a large staff and budget
expertise in at least several areas of systemic reform,
experience and insight to assess the needs of diverse 
schools and recommend appropriate long term solutions that 
fill those needs, experience working in diverse and 
underrepresented communities, a productive record seeking 
and obtaining grants and extra mural support, excellent 
public speaking, communication and writing skills.

Salary & Appointment:
Appointment is subject to annual performance reviews and 
available funding.  The yearly salary range is between 
$59,400-$85,400, depending on experience and qualifications.

Application Procedure:
To apply, submit a letter of application, resume, and names, 
phone numbers and addresses of three professional references 
to:  Chair, Search Committee Professional Development 
Director.em, Lawrence Hall of Science, University of 
California, Berkeley, CA 94720-5200.  Deadline:  June 2, 
1999.  AA/EEO

Debra Pughe

From: (Office of the AAS Secretary)

An Instructor position is available for the 1999/2000 
academic year with the possibility of renewal the following 
year. A minimum of a master's degree (or equivalent degree) 
in astronomy or in a closely related field such as physics 
or mathematics (with an astronomy concentration) is 
required. Major responsibilities include teaching 
undergraduate courses in astronomy and building up related 
departmental lecture demonstration facilities; coordinating 
undergraduate astronomy laboratories; and integrating a new
remote-controlled observing facility into laboratory and 
departmental outreach programs.  Salary level will be 
commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the 
successful candidate. Send a letter of application, 
curriculum vitae, and the names of at least three references
to: William J. Metcalf, Chairman; Department of Physics and 
Astronomy; Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA 
70803-4001.  Application deadline is June 15, 1999 or until 
suitable applicant found.  LSU is an Equal 
Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. 
If you have any questions, contact Arlo U. Landolt 
(landoltrouge.phys.lsu), who will be at the AAS Meeting in 

Sheri Thompson                  Phone:(225) 388-1160
Physics & Astronomy           Fax:  (225) 334-1098
Louisiana State University    E-mail:
Baton Rouge, La 70803                

End of CSWA Newsletter of 5/5/99