Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 11:13:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CSWA Newsletter of 7/21/99

            AAS Committee on the Status of Women
     weekly issues of  7/21/99, ed. by Priscilla Benson
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This week's issues:

1. More Conference Numbers

1. More Conference Numbers
From: Karen Meech

Hi - in response to the latest flood of responses regarding 
the tally of women at conferences, given that I am the Local 
organizing chair of a conference to occur in Hawaii - 
"Bioastronomy '99: A New Era in the Search for Life in the 
Universe", I thought I would pass the stats on to you.

LOC - 9 total; 3 women
SOC - 11 total + 2 exoficio; 1 woman (Jill Tarter) + me

Invited + oral talks: 76, approx 8 from women
Poster talks:         67, approx 9 from women 

(a larger fraction of the "education" talks are by women)  
These numbers are approx since many of the names I don't 
know and are foreign, so I am making my best guess on 


From: "Bruce W. Carney"

Re: Conference speakers
From: Bruce Carney (

I thought I could supply somewhat more precise, perhaps even 
accurate, numbers for the 35th Liege International 
Astrophysical Colloquium. It was a very successful meeting, 

SOC: 4 men; 3 women

Invited talks: 10 men; 2 women

Contributed talks: 21 men; 12 women 

Participants (pre-conference list; not all attended): 99 
men; 32 women 

Some people whose names were on the list I noticed did not 
attend, so this tally is only approximate. Arlette Noels, 
co-chair of the LOC, could supply better numbers.