Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 12:03:56 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CSWA Newsletter of 12/22/1999

            AAS Committee on the Status of Women
    weekly issues of 12/22/1999, ed. by Priscilla Benson
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Editors Note:  Issues of AASWOMEN will be somewhat sporadic 
over the next month.  There will be no newsletter Dec 29.  
The next newsletter will probably be out on January 5.  
There will be no newsletter the following two weeks.  I hope 
to resume regular newsletters January 26.
This week's issues:
1.  CSWA Membership and activities in Atlanta 
2.  Pink Computers
3.  A toy addressing the role model issue!
1. CSWA Membership and activities in Atlanta

Each year new members are appointed to the CSWA by the AAS. 
If you or someone you know is interested in serving, has 
some good ideas, and would be able to attend at least one 
AAS meeting per year, please feel free to suggest the name 
to me ( or to Arlo Landolt, the AAS 
Secretary (, and please copy me). 
We are very interested in having both men and women on the 

CSWA is sponsoring a special session in Atlanta on the 
Status of Women in Astronomy.  It will be Session 121 on 
Saturday morning at 10 am. This session, put together by Meg 
Urry will include three talks.  Meg Urry will report the 
gender demographics in U.S. astronomy departments in 1999, 
and compare them to those in 1992.  Claude Canizares will 
present a personal perspective on the issue of Women in 
Astronomy and give his perceptions of barriers that inhibit 
increased participation by women.  Lastly Lotte Bailyn will 
discuss gender inequities using the MIT Study as an example 
of the issues involved.  I hope to see many of your there! 

2. Pink Computers
From: Jo Pitesky

One more bit of info about the Hot Pink mattel computers 
that I (at least) hadn't considered before:  parents with 
sons and daughters are buying them for their daughters 
because there is *no way* that a boy will condescend to
use a pink computer.  Buying one is apparently a very 
effective way to guarantee the girls in the family a big 
chunk of computer time (having only girls works, too).

Jo Pitesky

3. A toy addressing the role model issue!

Today's (Mon, 20 Dec 1999) CBS Early Show had an interview 
with two people who are making a line of "Smartee" female 
dolls; look for them in your toy store.  The first four are 
a doctor, a lawyer, an enterpreneur, and an attorney.  A
teacher, an artist, an architect, and a chef are coming.  
The dolls come with detailed CVs stressing academics and 
brains. They have realistic features and bodies.  The dolls 
are $19.95.  

Jay Pasachoff

End of CSWA Newsletter of 12/22/1999