Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 16:31:47 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CSWA Newsletter of 9/6/2000

            AAS Committee on the Status of Women
    weekly issues of  9/6/2000, ed. by Priscilla Benson
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This week's issues:
1.  Help for High School student
2. NSF Program in Information Technology Research
3. Final Report from CAWMSET

1. Help for High School student

Can you help me? I am the proud mother of a very bright 
senior in high school who would like to pursue a career in 
astronomy.  She is looking at the University of Michigan and 
Cornell.  Do you have any suggestions for colleges?  We are 
also not sure if we should major in astronomy or minor in it 
with a major in astrophysics.  I am also very interested in 
any scholarships that may be available.  Like I stated 
before she is an excellent student and we should get some 
academic scholarships but we cannot afford either of the two 
schools listed above without some help. If this organization 
could help me I would appreciate any advice that you could 
offer. Thank you for your time.

2. NSF Program in Information Technology Research

The solicitation for the Information Technology Research 
(ITR) program has just been released, and is posted on the 
NSF web site at:  An introductory 
page, which is not yet complete, but will eventually hold 
some Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) specific 
information and additional guidelines is at

There will be awards for "Small Projects", "Group Projects" 
and "Large Projects".  Please read the announcement 
carefully as there are three different deadlines.  The 
contact persons are listed at the beginning of the 

3. Final Report from CAWMSET

The final report from CAWMSET (the Commission on the 
Advancement of Women and Minorities in Science, Engineering, 
and Technology Development) will be available shortly. In 
the meantime, an executive summary (referred to as the 
brochure) is now out. Kevin Marvel has posted a link to it 
on the AAS employment page, 
or you can find it on the NSF site, 

Thanks to Kevin for bringing this to my attention!   For 
those not already familiar with this group, CAWMSET is a 
congressionally mandated commission (created thanks to Rep. 
Connie Morella of Maryland) to make recommendations about 
how "to improve the recruitment, retention, and 
representation of women, underrepresented minorities 
(namely, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and American 
Indians), and persons with disabilities in science, 
engineering, and technology (SET) education and  

Their recommendations address diverse aspects of the issue, 
showing the broad view taken by the commission. Let's hope 
they are implemented effectively!

End of CSWA Newsletter of 9/6/2000