Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 10:17:10 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CSWA Newsletter of 10/18/2000

            AAS Committee on the Status of Women
    weekly issues of 10/18/2000, ed. by Priscilla Benson
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This week's issues:
1. Scientific Editors needed for ApJ
2. Labor Law
3. Books for Children?
4. Jobs
1. Scientific Editors needed for ApJ

The ApJ has just issued an ad to recruit new Scientific 
Editors. Some readers have expressed concern about the lack 
of women editors, so please consider applying and/or 
recommending women for these positions. Please see for details.

2. Labor Law

I thank Kathy Mead for her comments about labor law with 
regard to jobs in industry. On March 9, 1999, The Columbus 
Dispatch had the following headline "Lucent Employee Wins 
Suit. A jury awarded $2.14 million to a woman who was laid 
off after surgery." The article stated that the woman had 
worked for Lucent Technologies (formerly AT&T) for 17 years 
and was fired at age 53, six months before she became 
eligible for retirement benefits. The lawsuit took almost 3 
years, and the jury awarded her more than the lawsuit had 

This was again a case in which the employee was fired after 
taking medical leave.

Sources have told me that the standard severance package in 
industry is 1 week salary for each year the employee has 
worked for the company and that in situations where the 
firing could result in very unfavorable publicity or a 
lawsuit, a labor lawyer may be able to negotiate perhaps 
double or triple this amount.

Some large companies try to save on pension costs by firing 
people shortly before they become eligible for retirement 
benefits. If you notice that a large company has very few 
scientists over age 50, except in upper management, take 
this as a warning sign.
                                  Michele Kaufman
                                  Ohio State University

3. Books for Children?

A biology professor here at Indiana University asked for 
suggested astronomy books for her daughter, who is in third 
grade.  I would appreciate recommendations.  Thanks for your 

Phyllis Lugger

4. Jobs

The Department of Astronomy at Smith College and the Five 
College Astronomy Department (FCAD) have 2 openings for the 
Fall of 2001. One is for a tenure-track Assistant Professor, 
and the other is for a 3-year Postdoctoral Fellowship with a 
half-time commitment to research and a half-time commitment 
to an innovative educational project. (See URL: .)

The tenure-track position also includes an appointment to 
the graduate faculty in the Astronomy Department at the 
University of Massachusetts. The successful candidate will 
have a demonstrated potential for independent research and a 
strong commitment to teaching at the undergraduate level. 
Preference will be given to candidates in observational 
astronomy in research areas that are emphasized in the FCAD. 
Applicants must submit a curriculum vitae, publication list, 
research plan, and a statement of educational goals, and 
arrange for 3 letters of reference to be sent directly to 
the Astronomy Search Committee, at the first address below. 
Review of applications will begin on 10 January 2001 and 
will continue until the position is filled. 

The Fellowship, hosted by Smith College, consists of a half-
time commitment to an educational initiative to develop and 
teach an undergraduate course on Astronomy and Public 
Policy. The Fellow will also have half-time to devote to 
his/her own research. The Fellow's research should have the 
potential for collaboration with FCAD astronomy faculty; 
collaborations with UMASS observational projects, such as 
2MASS, FCRAO, LMT, or IOTA are particularly encouraged. 
Candidates must hold a Ph.D. in astronomy or a closely 
related field and should submit a curriculum vitae, a 
statement of research goals including a proposal for a 
research project that would be conducted in collaboration or 
close contact with an astronomer from the FCAD, and a 
statement of educational goals, including an indication of 
what you would offer to a course on Astronomy and Public 
Policy, as described on the website cited above. 
Applications and 3 letters of recommendation should be 
mailed to the second address below. Review of applications 
will begin January 10, 2001. 

Smith College is an equal opportunity employer encouraging 
excellence through diversity.

(1) Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Astronomy at Smith 
Astronomy Search Committee, c/o Suzan Edwards 
Five College Astronomy Department
Smith College 
Northampton, MA 01063

(2) Postdoctoral Fellowship in Research and Education:
Five College Astronomy Department/Smith College 
Attention: FCAD Fellow, c/o Barbara Keyworth 
619 Lederle Graduate Research Tower 
University of Massachusetts 
Amherst, MA 01003



The Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences (APS) 
at the University of Colorado, Boulder plans to hire a new 
Director of the Sommers-Bausch Observatory and Fiske 
Planetarium, to commence sometime during 2001.

Candidates should have a Ph.D. in astronomy or a closely 
related field, and have experience with the scientific and 
educational uses of ground-based telescopes and 
undergraduate astronomy labs. Viable candidates should also 
be committed to working with APS faculty members who teach 
undergraduate astronomy courses.  Experience with 
planetarium operations is desirable, but not required; our 
planetarium has an experienced staff.

The position is intended as a long-term appointment and pays 
an annual (12 mo) salary in a range substantially above that 
of most postdoctoral Research Associates.  The position will 
carry an appointment as Senior Instructor in APS and 
Research Associate. The position requires a commitment to 
teach part-time in the Department's undergraduate programs, 
and the ability to manage technical staff and student 
assistants. Opportunities to develop community outreach 
programs, to oversee development of planetarium programs, 
and to conduct independent research can be discussed.

Information about APS Dept., Fiske and SBO can be found at,
Continuing search for AAS position number 11345.
Contact Mike Shull, Chair of APS Dept.,

Fran Bagenal
Professor of Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences
CB 391 Duane Physics E226
University of Colorado, Boulder CO 80309-0391
Tel: 303 492 2598
Fax: 303 492 6946

End of CSWA Newsletter of 10/18/2000