Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 12:21:23 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: AASWOMEN for 03/30/2001 & 04/06/01

	AAS Committee on the Status of Women
    weekly issues of 03/30/2001 & 04/06/01, ed. by Meg Urry and Patricia Knezek

These weeks' issues:

1. How to submit something to AASWOMEN
2. An additional comment on why there are/aren't women professors and editors 
3. Existing FAQs websites about astronomy careers
4. How to subscribe to AASWOMEN (repeat)

1. How to submit something to AASWOMEN
From: Meg Urry & Pat Knezek 

[Eds. note:  Thanks to Heidi Hammel for pointing out the need for this!]

If you wish to submit something for publication in an AASWOMEN newsletter,
please send your submission to  You will receive an
acknowledgement from either Pat Knezek or Meg Urry.  Occasionally we may
need to edit things for publication.  You will be informed if that is 
necessary.  If you wish to send private comments, questions, suggestions, 
etc. to the editors, please email BOTH of us at and  If we would like to publish something you sent to our 
private email addresses, we will always contact you first and ask for 

2. An additional comment on why there are/aren't women professors and editors 
From: You-Hua Chu 

[Eds. note:  This began with a report by Duilia de Mello about the status
of women in Science and Technology in Sweden in the AASWOMEN newsletter 
of 03/16/01.]

This is a response to Anja Andersen's contribution in the 3/23/2001 issue 
of the AASWOMEN electronic newsletter regarding "why woman professor and
why woman editor".  I believe I must be at least 10-15 years older than

Why woman professor?
I was a postdoc for 3 years and a soft-money researcher for 13 years
before I became a professor.  It was a long and hard road, but I never 
regret a single second on what I have chosen to do.  I work many hours,
but I enjoy what I do.  Women do not have to choose "between" children
and career.  They can choose "both", as I did.

Why woman editor?
Editors provide services to the community.  It is not a matter of
fun or prestige.  It is my belief that women can bring new ideas and
make changes in a men-dominated editorial board.  Unfortunately, it is 
difficult to find women who are willing to give up research time to 
serve as editors.

You-Hua Chu
Professor at University of Illinois
Mother of three kids age 12-19

3. Existing FAQs websites about astronomy careers
From: Heidi Hammel 

There are many resources already on the web for frequently asked
questions (FAQs) about careers in astronomy.  Here's just a sample...
(American Astronomical Society's brochure about careers in astronomy)
(Dr. Sten Odenwald's 103 FAQs about a career in astronomy)
(yet another FAQ list)
(yet another FAQ list)
(specifically for undergrads thinking about astronomy graduate school)

What I have done is created a word document that has my rather more
personalized answers to many of these questions.  When I get
yet-another-request for such info (got one just this morning again),
I cut and paste my responses, along with pointers to the above FAQs.


4. How to Subscribe to AASWOMEN (repeat)
From: Meg Urry & Pat Knezek

[Eds.  We thought we should periodically republish this!]

Presumably if you are receiving this email, you have already subscribed to
the AASWOMEN weekly newsletter.  However, we thought we'd write it down here
in case someone asks you!  If you wish to subscribe to AASWOMEN, all you need
to do is email  In the BODY of the message (NOT the 
subject line, that line is not processed), type:

subscribe aaswlist youremailaddress

That's all there is to it!  Then if you wish to unsubscribe, again, email and type in the BODY of the message:

unsubscribe aaswlist youremailaddress

You should receive an automatic message from the Majordomo welcoming you to 
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