Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 13:19:17 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: AASWOMEN for July 5, 2002

	AAS Committee on the Status of Women
    Weekly issue of 7/5/2002, ed. by Meg Urry and Patricia Knezek

This week's issues:
1. More web resources for girls
2. STATUS looking for new editor(s)
3. NextWave, an online magazine on science careers
4. NRAO/ESO vacancies for ALMA key personnel: ALMA Director, 
   ALMA Project Manager, ALMA Project Scientist, ALMA Project
5. Vacancy for Chief, Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics, 
   NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

1. More web resources for girls

Here are more web resources for girls -- and grown-ups -- with
an astronomical bent:

From: Luisa Rebull

Although my web page has moved several times in the past 2 years, 
its contents are still reasonably current:

Dr. Luisa Rebull            Staff Scientist, SIRTF Science Center
Caltech M/S 220-6           voice 626-395-4565
1200 E. California Blvd.    FAX 626-568-0673
Pasadena, CA 91125

2. STATUS looking for new editor(s)

STATUS, the twice-yearly newsletter/magazine of the AAS Committee on
the Status of Women in Astronomy (CSWA), is looking for one or more new
editors. Since the fall of 1998, the co-editors of STATUS have been 
Meg Urry (Yale University) and Lisa Frattare (STScI); in 2002, they 
were joined by Joannah Hinz (University of Arizona). STATUS consists
of original articles and reprints, most solicited or selected by the
editors. In addition to addressing the specific status of women in
astronomy, STATUS also looks at research on women in other male-dominated
fields. It is published by the American Astronomical Society (AAS), 
with production done at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI).
Previous issues are available online at 
(or AAS members can subscribe directly by sending their mail address 

The job of STATUS editor involves soliciting articles from potential 
authors, finding relevant articles in the press and getting reprint 
permissions, editing text, interfacing with the graphics layout people, 
and working with the AAS office.  Interested parties should send a 
brief email to Meg Urry (, the CSWA chair, outlining
their interest and previous experience, if any. Please circulate this
notice to anyone who might be interested.

3. NextWave, an online magazine on science careers

Science's Next Wave is a weekly online publication that covers
scientific training, career development, and the science job 
market. The Next Wave is published by SCIENCE magazine and the
American Association for the Advancement of Science. Check it
out at (subscription required 
to portions of the site).

4. NRAO/ESO vacancies for ALMA key personnel: ALMA Director, 
   ALMA Project Manager, ALMA Project Scientist, ALMA Project

From: Tavia Larson

The Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) will be a millimeter-submillimeter 
wave interferometer consisting of (64) 12m diameter antennas located on 
the Chajnantor Altiplano in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile. Built 
and operated by a bilateral North American (United States and Canada) - 
European (ESO member states and Spain) partnership, ALMA will be equipped 
initially with dual-polarization receivers covering 4 atmospheric windows: 
84 - 119 GHz, 211 - 275 GHz, 275 - 370 GHz, and 602 - 720 GHz. The project, 
with a budget which exceeds half a billion dollars, is being carried out 
jointly by the European Southern Observatory (ESO)* and the National Radio 
Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)**, managed by Associated Universities, Inc. 
The Governing Board of ALMA, made up of members representing the above 
mentioned parties/partners has created the Joint ALMA Office (JAO) which 
is responsible for the overall leadership and management of construction, 
commissioning, early operations, and the operation of ALMA as an Observatory.

The Joint Personnel Search Committee of the ALMA Board is now seeking 
applicants for the key positions within the JAO:


The Director has the overall responsibility of leading the ALMA project 
and representing it to the global astronomical community and the funding 
agencies supporting the project. The Director reports to the ALMA Board, 
which will review the Director's progress on the project annually. The 
Director will be responsible for the operation of the Joint ALMA Office, 
and will ensure that ALMA is constructed to specification, on schedule 
and within the costs set out in the ALMA Bilateral Agreement. The 
Director will allocate observing time during early operations and 
operations in accordance with policies and procedures determined by the 
Board. Basic requirements for the position include a Ph.D. in astronomy, 
astrophysics, physics or a related field and a proven record of 
scientific leadership. The selected candidate must have significant 
management experience. Previous experience with large international 
scientific collaborations is desired.


The Project Manager is responsible for the overall direction of the ALMA 
construction conducted by the North American and European project 
managers, for maintaining the integrity of the project schedule and work 
breakdown structure, and for periodically reviewing and summarizing the 
state of the project for the ALMA Management Advisory
Committee. The Project Manager is also responsible for coordinating the 
ongoing ALMA technical development program carried out through the two 
project executives. The Project Manager reports to the ALMA Director, 
and his/her performance will be reviewed annually by the ALMA Board. 
Basic requirements for the position include an advanced degree in the 
physical sciences or engineering, and an established record of success 
in managing large projects. Experience in the management of 
international scientific projects is highly desirable.


The Project Scientist serves as the primary contact between the ALMA 
project and its various scientific constituencies, for example, the ALMA 
Scientific Advisory Committee, with respect to the scientific 
capabilities and mission of the instrument, serving as the ALMA 
project's primary advocate for the array's scientific capabilities and 
needs. The Project Scientist reports to the ALMA Director and his/her 
performance will be reviewed annually by the ALMA Board. Basic 
requirements for the position include a Ph.D. in astronomy, 
astrophysics, physics or a related field, and a record of leadership and 
ability in the field of radio astronomy. Experience in radio 
astronomical interferometry is highly desirable.


The Project Engineer ensures that the project as implemented fulfills 
the instrument's technical specifications. His/her duties include 
maintaining the integrity of ALMA's technical specifications, overseeing 
the definition, design, production, integration, verification and 
validation of ALMA's major components, overseeing the project's change 
control process, and developing and maintaining a detailed program to 
balance the requirements of completing construction, commissioning the 
ALMA components as they are completed, and initiating and maintaining 
early operations. The Project Engineer reports to the ALMA Project 
Manager and will be reviewed annually by the ALMA Board. Basic 
requirements for the position include an advanced degree in the physical 
sciences, or engineering; experience in astronomical project engineering 
is desirable.

All applications should include the names of five individuals willing to 
serve as professional references for the applicant.

Appointments to these positions are expected to begin on 1 January 2003. 
The initial location of the JAO will be decided in consultation with the 
Director, but the JAO is expected to be located in Chile by the start of 
2004. ALMA Key Personnel will be selected by international search solely 
on the basis of professional qualification and merit, and irrespective 
of national origin. Their appointment requires the concurrence of the 
ALMA Board. It is intended that the Director, when selected, will be 
consulted in the appointment of further staff to the JAO. Applications 
for these positions should be sent to the Personnel Office, at either of 
the following addresses: ESO, Karl-Schwarzschild-Str. 2, Garching, 
D-85748, Germany; or NRAO*, 520 Edgemont Road, Charlottesville VA 22903 

The Search Committee will begin reviewing applications on September 1, 
2002. Applications will be considered until the positions are filled.

Remuneration: ALMA Key Personnel will be hired as employees of either 
ESO or AUI/NRAO. ESO and AUI/NRAO offer attractive remuneration 
packages including a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and 
provide financial support in relocating families. Furthermore, an 
expatriation allowance as well as some other allowances may be added.

* The European Southern Observatory is an intergovernmental 
organization. Further information is available on .

** The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is operated by Associated 
Universities, Inc. (AUI) under cooperative agreement with the National 
Science Foundation. Further
information is available on .

Both the NRAO and ESO are equal opportunity employers (M/F/H/V).

For further information please contact Robert D'Angio at (434) 296-0234 
or Tavia Larson at (434) 296-0312, or at the above listed email addresses.

Tavia Larson
HR Assistant
520 Edgemont Road
Charlottesville, Va 22903

5. Vacancy for Chief, Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics, 
   NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

From: John Mather

[Eds.: This ad has been shortened substantially. For full job ad, see ]

Vacancy Announcement Number: 02-SES-680-07                            
Opening Date: 06/24/2002
Closing Date: 08/30/2002
Salary:  $125,972 - $138,200 per year
Promotion Potential: ES-06                                            
Duty Location: 1 vacancy at Greenbelt, MD
Area of Consideration: All Qualified Applicants                              
Duties: Serves as the Chief of the Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar     
Physics in the Space Sciences Directorate. Responsible for enabling,     
developing and conducting a broad program of experimental and
theoretical research in space science. Areas of emphasis include the
Sun and heliosphere, stellar and exo-solar planetary systems, the
interstellar and intergalactic medium, extragalactic systems and their 
evolution, and the early universe. Fosters the development of
astronomical detectors, instruments, and missions as well as 
theoretical investigations that support astrophysical studies from
space. Provides leadership to the external scientific community in
astronomy and solar physics. Participates in the overall development
and implementation of Center-wide space science objectives.

Performs individual research and may act as a principal investigator,
co-investigator, or a project scientist on NASA missions.
Participates on Agency-wide panels and committees.

Manages the all functions associated with the Laboratory, including
organizational management through development and implementation of
functional responsibilities. These responsibilities include human
resource management through the selection of employees, assignment of
duties, performance evaluation planning for training, recommendation
for awards, project management including attention to the timely
execution and completion of programs and projects assigned to the
Laboratory. Manages 65 civil servants.

To apply:
You may either submit a resume or form OF-612. The following information 
MUST be provided: 
    Vacancy number and title of the job applying for                             
    Full name, mailing address, day and evening phone                            
    Social Security Number                                                       
    Citizenship status                                                           
    Reinstatement eligibility                                                    
    Highest Federal civilian grade held (also give job series and dates held)
    Educational information for High School and above (give name, city,          
	state, date of diploma, majors, and types of degrees)                        
    Work experience RELATED to the job applied for in the following 
	format:  Job title, duties and accomplishments, employer's name 
	and address, supervisor's name and work phone, starting and ending 
	dates, hours per week, and salary                                                   
    Indicate if we may contact your current supervisor                           
    Training, skills, honors, awards, and membership in professional/honor       
	societies that are RELATED to the job applied for.                           

[Additional materials should be included, as detailed in the full job
ad. Applications must be postmarked no later than the closing date. 
Many additional details are available at, 
or contact Mr. Nelson Rodriguez, (301) 286-2883.]