Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 18:20:45 -0500 (EST)
Subject: AASWOMEN for March 7, 2003

AAS Committee on the Status of Women
Weekly issue of Mar. 7, 2003, eds. Meg Urry, Patricia Knezek, & Michael

This week's issues:

1. Gender equity at astronomical meetings
2. A bit of humor
3. Positions for Education Directors at NASA
4. NOAO Employment Opportunities
5. How to submit, subscribe, or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN

1. Gender equity at astronomical meetings

From: Margaret Burbidge

I attended the Carnegie Observatories Centennial Symposium IV on "Origin and
Evolution of the Elements", 16 - 21 February, 2003 (Pasadena), and was pleased
with the following statistics:
    138 Participants
     37 Women, i.e. 27%

     83 Talks
     24 Women, i.e. 29%

The women were mostly from Europe (France,Italy,Germany,Sweden,Denmark),
and a few from India and Australia. Eileen Friel (NSF) attended.
I thought I should share this news with AASWomen!

    -- Margaret Burbidge


From: Michael Rupen

I helped organize an astronomical meeting a few years ago, in which a
conscious effort was made to ensure gender equality amongst both the 
participants and the speakers. We did pretty well on the participants, but 
the invited speakers were much harder. We came up with a marvelous list of 
female scientists in the field -- there were one or two women who seemed very 
appropriate, even ideal, for a substantial fraction of the speaking slots.
The difficulty was that these women were all in very great demand, and the
_next_ people on our list were almost always all men. There just weren't
that many people working on any individual topic, and even fewer who would 
give the slant we wanted for this particular meeting. There was also an
effect that, while we initially went to a lot of effort to come up with a
good list of possible speakers, and checked for gender equity as one aspect
of that, by the time acceptances and refusals started to come in we were
very busy, and less consistent in keeping track of these things. In the
end we wound up with

    181 participants
     60 women --> 33%

     72 talks including 27 invited talks
     22 women --> 31% 5 women --> 19%

For reference, the Scientific Organizing Committee consisted of 8 men and 4 
women, with the "core" group being 2 men and 1 women. One of the most
gratifying aspects of helping out with this meeting came at the end,
when a number of women mentioned how nice it was to see so many women there,
both as participants and as speakers. It was a lot of work but that effort
did make a difference.

  -- Michael Rupen

2. A bit of humor
From: Cara Rakowski

To add a little humor to our discussion, I recommend:

"Women now empowered by everything a woman does"

it's semi-on-topic, mentions women physicists, and made me laugh out loud.

-- Cara

3. Positions for Education Directors at NASA
From: Jennifer Grier

Dear colleague,

We have been asked to make you aware of three openings at NASA HQ.
They are:

    1. Director, Elementary & Secondary Education Division ES-1701-01 HQ03S0096
    2. Director, Higher Education Division, ES-1701-01 HQ03S0095
    3. Director, Informal Education Division, ES-0301-01 HQ03S009

These new Code N positions are posted on the NASA website at

See also AAS Job Register:

4. NOAO Employment Opportunities
From: Dottie Poczulp

NOAO would like to announce that it has job openings for the following

   Detector Engineer/Team Lead Tucson, AZ 1/24/2003 
   Director, CTIO La Serena, Chile 2/28/2003 
   NGSC Deputy Director La Serena, Chile 2/14/2002 
   Post Doctoral Fellowship, NOAO Tucson, AZ 1/2/2003 
   Scientific Programmer, NOAO Tucson, AZ or La Serena Chile 10/30/2002 
   Senior Software Engineer Tucson, AZ or La Serena Chile 10/17/2002 
   Tenure Track Astronomer, NOAO Tucson, AZ & La Serena Chile 8/20/2002 

Detailed descriptions of the positions, applications
deadlines, and contact information can be found at:

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