Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 17:16:47 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: AASWOMEN for August 22, 2003

AAS Committee on the Status of Women
Weekly issues of August 22, 2003
eds. Patricia Knezek & Michael Rupen

This week's issues:
1. New CSWA members
2. Newspaper article on women in computer science
3. Special American Geophysical Union education session
4. GSDC: Berkeley Edge Conference: nominations due 10sep03

1. New CSWA members
From: Patricia Knezek

As the incoming chair of the CSWA, I want to first express my thanks to our 
outgoing chair, Meg Urry, for her exceptional leadership over the past three 
years.  She has finished her duties as CSWA chair by overseeing the highly 
successful Women in Astronomy II Conference held June 27 & 28, 2003 in 
Pasadena, CA.  She wrote a very nice summary of the conference which will 
appear in two parts in the next two AAS newsletters.  Look for them!  I would
also like to express my appreciation to outgoing CSWA members David Helfand 
and Karen Kwitter for their many contributions to the committee.
I want to welcome incoming CSWA members James Ulvestad (NRAO/Socorro, NM),
Stephanie Wachter (IPAC/Pasadena, CA), and Kimberly Weaver
(GSFC/Greenbelt, MD).  They will all be serving from 2003 to 2006.  They
will join continuing members Michael Rupen (NRAO/Socorro, NM; 2001-2004),
Amy Simon-Miller (GSFC/Greenbelt, MD; 2001-2004), Liliya Williams
(U. Minnesota/Minneapolis, MN; 2001-2004), Neal Evans (U. Texas/Austin, TX;
2000-2005), Lisa Frattare (STScI/Baltimore, MD; 1999-2005), and myself,
Patricia Knezek (WIYN Observatory/Tucson, AZ; 2002-2005).  We encourage
you to contact one of the CSWA members if you have comments, questions,
and/or suggestions.  We also suggest that you to check out the CSWA web site, 
which is masterfully maintained by Amy Simon-Miller, see

It's quite intimdating to think about trying to fill Meg's shoes, so I have 
decided to think of it more as following in her footsteps.  I am very much
looking forward to that, and hope that you won't hesitate to contact me if
you wish.  I'll report more soon on upcoming events.

All the best -- Patricia Knezek

2. Newspaper article on women in computer science
From: Neal Evans

Here is a link to an interesting article in the NYTimes on women
in computer science. It talks about three women who were profiled
about a decade ago as young leaders coming out of school. Seeing where
they have gone reminds me of many of the issues discussed at Women in
Astronomy meeting.


3. Special American Geophysical Union education session
From: Cheri Morrow

Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to contribute to an exciting education session at the
Fall AGU focusing on the role of scientists in formal and informal
education. Specifically, we are interested in soliciting contributions
from scientists who are directly involved in the dissemination of their
scientific endeavors to a broader audience.

The AGU session description is as follows:

ED16: The Benefits and Challenges of Education and Public Outreach
       Efforts Associated With Scientific Research Programs
Space and Earth scientists who are involved in NSF Science and Technology
Centers, NASA missions, and individual research awards have increasing
opportunities to plan and implement significant education and public
outreach (EPO) programs. We propose a session where scientist-educator or
"PI-EPO led" partnerships coauthor papers about their EPO programs and
the benefits and challenges of having them closely associated with
scientific research programs. Our invitees and contributors will
represent multiple AGU space and Earth science disciplines and will
include an appropriate mix of large, medium, and small EPO programs and

We are planning to span a broad range of disciplines, institutions,
agencies, and projects. The invited speakers for this session are:
  Dr. Phil Scherrer, Stanford University, Principal Investigator on
  Dr. Sean Soloman, Carnegie Institution, Principal Investigator on
  Dr. Krisstina Wilmoth, NASA Ames, E/PO Program Officer, NASA Astrobiology
  Dr. Larry Cooper, NASA Headquarters, Program Planning Specialist for E/PO

We hope you can join us in making this a successful session.

Cordially yours,

David Alexander, Rice University,
Cherilynn Morrow, Space Science Institute,
James Thieman, NASA/GSFC,
Frank Ireton, Science Systems and Applications, Inc.,

[Eds. note: the AGU home page is ; note that the
  date for abstract submissions via e-mail is September 4 at 1400 UT.
  The conference itself runs from 8 to 12 December 2003 in San Francisco.]

4. GSDC: Berkeley Edge Conference: nominations due 10sep03
From: Elizabeth Holmes

Dear Colleague,

The fourth annual Berkeley Edge Conference is looking for nominations
for underrepresented students of color seeking Ph.D's in math,
science or engineering who would also like to visit the campus
for a great conference on applying to graduate school at Cal,
visiting labs, meeting professor, etc. Please send in your
nominations and get the student you're considering to fill out the
short application. (They must be US Citizens, or permanent residents.)
It would be best if you could get a faculty member to nominate the
students. The website and info on nominating the student is below.

  Thank you,
      Carla Trujillo Ph.D., Director
      Graduate Opportunity Program

PS: we will take nominations up till Sep 10--this includes all
  nominations and transcripts, etc. This is the final filing date.
  Sorry, no exceptions.

Further information:

The fourth annual Berkeley Edge Conference will be held October
30-November 2, 2003 on the UC Berkeley campus. We invite you to
nominate science, mathematics and engineering students for the

If a student you nominate is chosen, UC Berkeley will provide
all travel, lodging, and meals for you and your student.

Conference activities include tours of the science and
engineering departments and research facilities as well as
opportunities to meet with UCB faculty and graduate students.
The Conference program includes workshops on preparing
competitive applications for graduate admission and fellowships
along with sessions about graduate studies and graduate student
life at Berkeley. The National Laboratories in the San Francisco
Bay Area-- LBNL, LLNL and Sandia-- as well as various graduate
fellowship granting agencies also will represented at the

To nominate your students on-line and for more information,
please visit our website:

Please let your students know that you have nominated them.
Please inform them that their on-line applications and
transcripts are due by August 25 at 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.
[Eds. note: presumably this is superceded by the September 10 deadline

Thank you for your ongoing support for the Berkeley Edge and our
work to increase diversity at the graduate level in science,
mathematics and engineering.

P. Buford Price, Professor of Physics Director, The Berkeley Edge
Colette Patt, Ph.D. Principal Investigator, The Berkeley Edge