Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 12:56:25 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: AASWOMEN for September 19, 2003

AAS Committee on the Status of Women
Weekly issue of September 19, 2003
eds. Patricia Knezek & Michael Rupen

This week's issues:
1. Another way to search the CSWA AASWomen electronic newsletter archive
2. APS Roster of Women and Minorities in Physics
3. New Resource from NSF
4. Request for Nominations for the 2004 Aaronson Lectures/Award
5. Call for Nominations for the 2004 Bruno Rossi Prize
6. Pollock Award Announcement: call for applications (history of astronomy)
7. Astrophysics Faculty position at Yale University
8. Tenure Track Post in Ptcle Cosmo./Ptcle. Astrophys.,College of William & Mary

1. Another way to search the CSWA AASWomen electronic newsletter archive
From: Debbie Kovalsky

[Last week, we pointed out that back issues of AASWomen were available
  at, and indexed for 1999-2002
  at . But we missed
  another approach... -- Eds.]

I just wanted to remind you that the SEARCH feature of the AAS Website
includes all the back issues of AASWomen.

Debbie Kovalsky

2. APS Roster of Women and Minorities in Physics

>From APS Women In Physics Listserv, September 8, 2003

The APS maintains a database called the "Roster of Women and Minorities in
Physics" which contains contact, educational, and employment information
for over 3500 women and minorities in physics. The Roster serves as a
mailing list for the APS Committee on the Status of Women newsletter,
the Gazette, and as a resource for employers who would like to send targeted
position announcements.

In this economy, it is important keep abreast of available job opportunities,
not only for yourself, but also for your students. I invite you to either
update your existing record in our Roster, or sign up today. Although only
women and minorities will be able to receive employment announcements, anyone
can sign up to receive the Gazette and other information related to women or
minority issues. Please also pass this along to your colleagues. You do not
have to be an APS member to register, but as always I encourage you to join
APS and take advantage of all the many benefits that come along with your

To enroll or update your listing, please request the enrollemt form by
e-mailing, or mailing in the application form, available at .

Best regards,

Arlene Modeste Knowles
Arlene Modeste Knowles
Outreach Programs Administrator
American Physical Society
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740
301-209-0865 fax

3. New Resource from NSF

>From WIPHYS September 17, 2003

"New Formulas for America's Workforce: Girls in Science and Engineering,"
from NSF, catalogs the methodology and results of 211 NSF grants issued
since 1993. he book has been published in print and electronic formats and
is available free from NSF. Bound, printed copies and compact disks may be
ordered via the Web at The printed version's
document number is NSF 03-207 and the compact disk document number is
NSF 03-208. An electronic version is available in portable document format
for paperless viewing. The PDF version may be downloaded from

4. Request for Nominations for the 2004 Aaronson Lectures/Award
From: Joan Najita

We are soliciting names of outstanding scientists to receive the
2004 Aaronson Award (a list of the previous recipients follows).

"The Lectureship and accompanying cash prize [of $2000] is awarded on
a regular basis [every 18 months] to an individual or group who by
their passion for research and dedication to excellence, has produced
a body of work in the past ten years in observational astronomy which
has resulted in a significant deepening of our understanding of the

Marc Aaronson was 37 years old when he died in 1987, and certainly
would have been eligible for such an award at that time. We are
concerned that, while we are very proud of our lecturers, we are not
always picking out the new, young Aaronsons. We'd like for you to try
hard to find someone who is in the process of making a large
contribution to astronomy, but is perhaps 10-15 years past their PhD.

We appreciate all nominations. Please send your suggestions by e-mail
to any or all of those on the committe, *as soon as possible*. We hope to
have picked a candidate by October 15.

Thanks very much,

Ed Olszewski, for the Aaronson Committee
(Ed Olszewski, Jim Liebert, Marianne Kun (Aaronson), Joan Najita,
Kem Cook, Daniel Eisenstein, Betsy Barton)

  Ed Olszewski
  Betsy Barton
  Kem Cook
  Daniel Eisenstein
  Jim Liebert
  Joan Najita

Previous Aaronson Awardees

  Kirshner 1989
  Freeman 1990
  Huchra 1992
  Scoville 1993
  Freedman 1994
  Tyson 1996
  Mather 1998
  Paczynski 1999
  van Dishoeck 2001
  Marcy 2002

Please feel free to solicit nominations from other astronomers, especially
those you know outside of North America.

5. Call for Nominations for the 2004 Bruno Rossi Prize
From: Matthew G. Baring

The Bruno Rossi Prize is awarded annually in honor of Bruno Rossi
"for a significant contribution to High Energy Astrophysics, with
particular emphasis on recent, original work."

Any member of HEAD can make a nomination for the Rossi Prize. Letters
of nomination should include a brief case for the nominee and a
suggested citation. Multiple signatories or letters in support
strengthen the case. Nominations remain active for three years and
nominations in such recent past years can be augmented by re-nomination
letters. The HEAD Executive Committee will choose the Rossi Prize

Nominations should be sent no later than October 22 to:

Dr. Matthew G. Baring
Rice University
Department of Physics and Astronomy - MS 108
P. O. Box 1892
Houston, Texas 77251-1892

Complete guidelines and citations of previous recipients are at

6. Pollock Award Announcement: call for applications (history of astronomy)
From: DudleyObservatory

      The Dudley Observatory announces the Herbert C. Pollock Award

The Award supports an innovative project in the history of astronomy or
astrophysics, to be undertaken by a faculty member, research associate,
or postdoctoral associated with a college, university, nonprofit research
institution or observatory located in North America. Applications from
persons meeting the other requirements, who are not currently affiliated
with any institution will also be considered. Special consideration will
be given to proposals that involve the use of the Dudley Observatory Archives,
 the Dudley Collection of early astronomical works housed at Union College
or the Benjamin A. Gould, Jr. library held by Dudley Observatory.

The Award consists of a maximum of $5,000 to be distributed in the year of
the Award.

Application Procedures

The application should include the following parts:
  1) A descriptive title with a brief account of the project, not to exceed
    four pages. The description should permit a selection committee of
    historians and other scholars to judge what is proposed and how completion
    of the project would contribute to historical knowledge.
  2) A one-page nontechnical executive summary of the project.
  3) A budget showing how the Award funds would be spent, together with a
    description of the applicant's current funding and the funding agency, if
    any, for present work.
    --No Overhead Charges will be permitted.
  4) A biographical sketch and personal bibliography - not to exceed four
  5) The names and affiliations of two scientists or other scholars who may
    be contacted by the Selection Committee, should the need arise, as well
    as the name of the applicant's supervisor or Department Chair. Letters of
    support should not be included with the application.

The complete application must be received by Dudley Observatory by
November 14, 2003.

Applications should be mailed to:

    Dudley Observatory
    107 Nott Terrace, Suite 201
    Schenectady, New York 12308

See for more information

7. Astrophysics Faculty position at Yale University
From: Meg Urry

The Department of Physics invites applications for a faculty position
in experimental/observational cosmology or extragalactic astrophysics.
The successful candidate's research program should enhance current
research at Yale, which includes high-energy astrophysics, cosmology,
gravitational lensing, nuclear astrophysics, and the interface of particle
physics and astrophysics. This position is intended at the assistant
professor level, although a more senior appointment may be possible
in exceptional circumstances. Yale offers a lively scientific environment;
a pleasant location convenient to New York City and Boston; competitive
salary, benefits, and research funds; and access to front-line astronomical
facilities, including the WIYN telescope, the SMARTS telescopes, major
telescopes in Chile (through collaboration with the Univ. de Chile), and
the Palomar-QUEST survey. Candidates should have an aptitude for teaching
as well as research.
Applicants should send their curriculum vitae, bibliography, and brief
description of future research program to
  Prof. Charles Baltay
  Chair of the Search Committee
  Department of Physics
  Yale University
  New Haven, CT 06520-8121
and should arrange for at least 3 letters of recommendation. Applications
that are complete by December 1, 2003, will be assured of full consideration.
Yale is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer,

8. Tenure Track Post in Ptcle Cosmo./Ptcle. Astrophys.,College of William & Mary

>From WIPHYS September 15, 2003

The Department of Physics at the College of William and Mary
seeks a high energy theorist with expertise in the application of
particle physics to cosmology and/or astrophysics. The Department
currently has 27 full-time faculty, approximately 50 PhD graduate
students, and a substantial number of undergraduate majors who
actively participate in its various research programs. The candidate
would be expected to initiate and maintain a strong research
program, seek external funding and demonstrate excellence in
teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Applicants should send a curriculum vitae and statement of research
interests, and have three letters of recommendation sent, to:

Chair, Particle Cosmology / Particle Astrophysics Search
Department of Physics
College of William and Mary
P.O. Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795

Review will begin on December 1, 2003 and will continue until the
position is filled. Further information on the Department and this
search can be found at The College of
William and Mary is an EEO/AA University.