Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 14:37:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject: AASWOMEN for March 26, 2004

AAS Committee on the Status of Women
Weekly issue of March 26, 2004
eds. Patricia Knezek, Michael Rupen, & Jim Ulvestad
This week's issues:
1. WIA II recommendations
2. Janet Mattei Obituary
3. Loss of Beth Holmes
4. Astronomy Cartoon
5. NVO Summer School
6. How to submit, subscribe, or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN
1. WIA II recommendations
From: Patricia Knezek and the CSWA

As mentioned in the March AAS Newsletter and in several issues of the 
AASWOMEN weekly newsletter, the CSWA currently is working on compiling 
a draft set of recommendations for endorsement by the AAS Council from 
the Women in Astronomy II meeting held in Pasadena last June. Our original
intent was to have a complete draft version available for community comment
by March.  This process has been going more slowly than anticipated,
however, and the committee has concluded that they are not yet prepared to
release the current draft to the community.  We are in the process of
reviewing the current draft and incorporating comments from the WIA II
organizers.  Once that is complete, we will assess where the draft stands
and revise our schedule for release.  Stay tuned to this space for further details.
2. Janet Mattei Obituary
From: AASWOMEN editors

[The CSWA would like to express how sorry we are to hear of
the loss of Janet Mattei, and our thanks to Sumner Starrfield
and Joergen Christensen-Dalsgaard for arranging for the
inclusion of this obituary in AASWOMEN. Two other very
nice write-ups about Janet Mattei have appeared. One is in
Sky & Telescope, see
and the other appeared in Astronomy, see
-- eds.]

                Janet Mattei, 1943 - 2004

Astronomy, and particularly the study of variable stars, has
suffered a great loss with the untimely death of Janet Mattei.
Janet has played a major role in the development of the American
Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO), and in fostering
collaboration between amateur and professional astronomers. Her
work on digitizing the AAVSO archival data has created an
invaluable database for the study of long-term stellar
variability, of a nature that will be almost impossible to match
with professional observations. Her wonderful personality and
enthusiasm has been an inspiration to all of us.

I have had the pleasure of interacting with Janet in Commission 27
of the International Astronomical Union. However, my most
memorable experience with her, and one of the most memorable
experiences in my career, was at a very successful NATO Advanced
Study Institute organized by Professor Cafer Ibanoglu at Cesme,
close to Izmir and near Janet's birthplace. Needless to say,
Janet played a very prominent role in both the scientific and
social activities of the meeting. Her talk on the AAVSO results
on red-giant variables indicated that there might be a relation
between semi-regular variables and the solar and solar-like
oscillations, both being excited stochastically by convection.
This led to our, unfortunately only, joint publication (ApJ 562,

Together with the rest of the astronomical community I shall
always treasure and honour the memory of Janet Mattei and her
contributions to our science. Surely the best way to do so is to
maintain our enjoyment and awe at the starry sky, and continue
our activities, amateurs and professionals together, on
unconvering the secrets of stars and stellar variability.

-- Joergen Christensen-Dalsgaard
   President, Division V (Variable Stars)
   International Astronomical Union

3. Loss of Beth Holmes
From: Patricia Knezek
      Meg Urry
      Joannah Hinz

The CSWA was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Elizabeth (Beth)
Holmes on Tuesday, March 23, 2004. Beth was a National Research
Council Associate at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA.
She was working with Chas Beichman and collaborators on the Spitzer
Space Telescope MIPS GTO program. Her research interests included
modeling asymmetries in planetary debris disks. She received her
Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of Florida in 2002, and her
S.B. in Physics from MIT in 1995.
Beth had been an associate editor of STATUS, the CSWA bi-annual
magazine, since 2003. She volunteered her services to the CSWA
while still a graduate student, after a CSWA reception at the AAS.
Her enthusiasm and dedication were much valued. Her article on
"The Postdoc Perspective on the Women in Astronomy II Conference"
ran in the January 2004 issue of STATUS (see
She has been described as "an up and coming star" in the astronomical
community. She will be sorely missed.

-- Patricia Knezek, NOAO
   Meg Urry, Yale University
   Joannah Hinz, University of Arizona

4. Astronomy Cartoon
From: Meg Urry

Did astronomy start as a "guy thing?" See cartoon at

-- Meg Urry
   Yale University

5. NVO Summer School
From: Bob Hanisch

The US National Virtual Observatory Project announces the first Applications
Software Development Summer School, to be held 14-18 September 2004 at the
Aspen Center for Physics in Aspen, Colorado. In this week-long, hands-on
session, participants will work with experienced NVO software developers to
become familiar with data discovery, data access, and high performance
computing capabilities of the Virtual Observatory. In addition,
participants will be introduced to VO analysis tools and utilities. In the
second half of the week small teams will create their own VO-enabled data
analysis applications. Additional information about the summer school,
including accommodations, possibilities for financial support, and
instructions for submitting an application, is available at the US NVO web
site at
or by sending e-mail to

-- Bob Hanisch
   NVO Project Manager

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