Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 12:54:32 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: AASWOMEN for June 4 & 11, 2004

AAS Committee on the Status of Women
Weekly issues of June 4 & 11, 2004
eds. Patricia Knezek, Michael Rupen, & Jim Ulvestad
This week's issues:
1. CSWA activities at the Denver AAS
2. June STATUS update
3. How to submit, subscribe, or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN
1. CSWA activities at the Denver AAS
From: Patricia Knezek

I wanted to provide a brief report on all that involved the CSWA during 
a busy AAS meeting in Denver this June.   A full report will be presented in 
the CSWA column in the August 2004 AAS Newsletter.

First of all, the CSWA met to continue its work on the Recommendations that
follow from the Women in Astronomy II meeting (WIA II) in Pasadena last year.
The committee is nearly ready to release the draft, including an
explanatory preamble, to the astronomical community for comment.  We
anticipate it will be posted via a page on the AAS "Members Only" web pages
by mid-July.

The last day of the Denver meeting was very busy for the CSWA.  First, Elaine
Seymour presented a very interesting and entertaining talk on alternatives to
faculty careers for women who obtain their PhDs in science.  This was followed
by the CSWA co-sponsored special session on "The Astronomy Workforce".
Rachel Ivie of the AIP, Kevin Marvel of the AAS, and Fran Bagenal of
U.  Colorado each presented a complementary look at the statistics on 
women through their career paths in astronomy.  Fran Bagenal's results will
appear in the June 2004 issue of STATUS.  We hope to provide links to all the 
presentations from the CSWA web site in the near future.

Finally, the CSWA held its own session in the early afternoon.  This session
began with a report on the progress on the WIA II Recommendations.  This was
followed by a panel discussion about the Seymour talk and statistics presented
in the Astronomy Workforce session.  The CSWA asked the panel members and
session attendees to consider what they had heard, and what logical steps could
the CSWA and AAS take to facilitate increasing the number of women who
make astronomy their career.  The panel consisted of Meg Urry (Director,
Center for Astrophysics at Yale University), Andrea Schweitzer (Little 
Thompson Observatory, and chair of the AAS Employment Committee), Kelsey 
Johnson (currently a postdoc at U. Wisconsin, joining the faculty of Virginia 
this fall), and Quyen Hart (graduate student, U. Colorado).  The panel each 
presented a brief description of their impressions of the morning sessions, 
and then the floor was opened for questions.  As usual, we ran out of time, 
but we came away with some excellent suggestions (more in the AAS Newsletter).
The CSWA would like to thank everyone who attended and participated. 

2. June STATUS update
From: Patricia Knezek

As some of you might have noted at the Denver AAS meeting, the publication
of the June 2004 issue of STATUS suffered a short delay.  It is expected that
this issue will be ready to ship out on June 17, 2004.  If you do not
automatically receive a paper copy of STATUS, you may request to be put on the 
mailing list by emailing Dennis Renner,  Alternatively, the 
June STATUS is already posted off of the CSWA website.  See
to download the pdf file.

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