AAS Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy

Issue of July 22 & 29, 2005
eds. Patricia Knezek, Jim Ulvestad, & Joan Schmelz

This week's issues:

1. Change in AASWOMEN editors

2. "Money for Mommies"

3. Several E/PO Opportunities

4. Maria Sibylla Merian Award

5. Women in Physics at George Washington University

6. American Institute of Physics State Department Science Fellowship

7. UK Gemini Support Scientist, Oxford, UK


8. Faculty Positions, Dept. of Physics, Simon Fraser University


9. How to submit, subscribe, or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN

1. Change in AASWOMEN editors
From: Patricia Knezek  knezeknoao.edu  & Jim Ulvestad  julvestanrao.edu 

We would like to welcome CSWA member Joan Schmelz as a new co-editor of the
AASWOMEN weekly electronic newsletter.  Joan is taking over for Lisa Frattare.
Lisa has served as co-editor since January 2005, generously agreeing to take
on yet another task to help the CSWA.  Lisa's term on the CSWA has now ended,
and we would like to thank her for her absolutely outstanding efforts as a
member of the CSWA over her two terms.  

2. "Money for Mommies"
From: Patricia Knezek  knezeknoao.edu 

The Chronicle of Higher Education has posted the transcript of a online
discussion entitled "Money for Mommies." Held on July 20, 2005, this
discussion featured Eleanor G. Shore, a former dean of faculy affairs at
the Harvard Medical School.  The focus of the discussion was whether or
not colleges and universities should be aiding scientists who are mothers
by paying for such things as day care and lab assistants.  The transcript 
can be downloaded from http://chronicle.com/colloquy/2005/07/mothers/ .

3. Several E/PO Opportunities
From: Cherilynn Morrow  morrowSPACESCIENCE.ORG 

(1) As part of its 117th Annual Meeting, the Astronomical Society of the 
Pacific (ASP) will host an international conference focused on building and 
supporting a vibrant and connected education and public outreach (E/PO) 
community.  "Building Community: The Emerging EPO Profession" will be held 
14-16 September in Tucson, AZ.  See:

(2)  ReSCiPE, Resources for Scientists in Partnership with Education, offers 
half-day professional development workshops on "Scientific Inquiry in the 
Classroom."  The project also offers an online resource collection, the 
ReSCiPE Book.  See http://cires.colorado.edu/education/k12/rescipe/ for more 

(3) This Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) in San Francisco, CA is 
accepting applications for a full-time Astronomy Educator.  See 
http://www.astrosociety.org/about/career.html for details.

(4) The National Science Foundation (NSF) Astronomy and Astrophysics 
Postdoctoral Fellowships provide support for postdoctoral astronomical 
research in combination with educational outreach.  See listing 03-578 at 
http://www.nsf.gov/funding for more information.  Deadline is October 12th.  

4. Maria Sibylla Merian Award
From: WIPHYS of July 21, 2005

The interdisciplinary Essen Collegium of Gender Studies of the University of 
Duisburg-Essen/Germany presents the Maria Sibylla Merian Award for outstanding 
female scientists for their significant contributions to the sciences - it 
acknowledges and honors the accomplishments of exceptional women scientists. 
The institute invites applications and proposals for this award. We welcome 
international applications.

The award is given to female scientists for their achievements in the 
following disciplines: natural and engineering science, economics and medicine 
or international outstanding scientists (m/f) of all disciplines who have 
researched in the area of civilization and gender. Members of all disciplines 
are invited to join.  Candidates should have a PhD as a prerequisite for 
application. There are no limitations on the maximum of experience level. 

The award is endowed with 7.500 Euro. It is sponsored by the Deutsche Telekom 
AG. An independent, interdisciplinary jury of experts judges and nominates 
the award winner. It will be awarded at an international ceremonial act in 
November 2005. Closing date will be September 15, 2005.

In order to apply, we need the following documents:
1. Curriculum Vitae
2. List of Publications
3. Statement of Research Interests (If longer than five pages, please add a 
  one page abstract)

We welcome letters of recommendation, but they are not a prerequisite for 
application. Please send proposals and applications to: 
Essener Kolleg fur Geschlechterforschung
Universitat Duisburg-Essen/Campus Essen
Prof. Dr. Janshen
Postfach 45117 Essen, Germany

You can also apply by email. For further information please contact:

Prof. Dr. Doris Janshen: 
Dipl.-Soz.-Wiss. Randi Wallmichrath:

The Essen Collegium of Gender Studies aims to research the relations of 
gender, especially in the disciplines of technology, science and medicine. 
You can find out more about the Essen Collegium of Gender Studies, the Maria 
Sibylla Merian-Award and its former awardees on our homepage 
http://www.uni-duisburg-essen.de/ekfg/ .  We are looking forward to receive 
applications and proposals!

Dipl.-Soz.-Wiss. Randi Wallmichrath
Essener Kolleg fur Geschlechterforschung
Universitat Duisburg-Essen
Standort Essen
45117 Essen

5. Women in Physics at George Washington University
From: WIPHYS of July 28, 2005

George Washington University's Physics Department has announced a new 
initiative to bring more women into physics careers.  Go to  
http://www.gwu.edu/~physics/ then click on 'news and announcements' then on 
a new initiative embedded in the text next to the graph of 
'national %  physics degrees to women'.

Linda Perry

6. American Institute of Physics State Department Science Fellowship
From: Lalena Lancaster  llancastaip.org 

This Fellowship represents an opportunity for scientists to make a unique 
contribution to U.S. foreign policy.  At least one Fellow annually will be 
chosen to spend a year working in a bureau of the State Department, providing 
scientific and technical expertise to the Department while becoming directly 
involved in the foreign policy process.  Fellows are required to be U.S. 
citizens and members of at least one of the 10 AIP Member Societies at the 
time of application.  Qualifications include a PhD in physics or closely 
related field or, in outstanding cases, equivalent research experience.  
Applicants should possess interest or experience in scientific or technical 
aspects of foreign policy.  Applications for the 2006-7 Fellowship (starting 
in fall 2006) should consist of a letter of intent, a two-page resume, and 
three letters of reference.  Please visit http://www.aip.org/gov/sdf.html for 
details.  All application materials must be postmarked by November 1, 2005 
and sent to: AIP State Department Science Fellowship, American Institute of 
Physics, Attn: Audrey Leath, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740-3843.

7. UK Gemini Support Scientist, Oxford, UK
From: Rachel Johnson  rajastro.ox.ac.uk 

There is a UK Gemini Support Scientist position available, based in the
Astrophysics Department, Oxford, UK. Closing date 3rd October.  See 

8. Faculty Positions, Dept. of Physics, Simon Fraser University
From: WIPHYS of July 21, 2005

The Physics Department at Simon Fraser University invites applications for one 
or possibly two tenure-track appointments as assistant professor, subject to 
final budgetary approval.  We are searching for individuals of outstanding 
background and exceptional promise who will establish a vigorous independent 
research program and who will have a strong commitment to undergraduate and 
graduate teaching.  The department has a broad research program in condensed 
matter and atomic physics, soft/biophysics and high energy physics (see 
http://www.sfu.ca/physics).  In the current search, we are interested in 
expanding our efforts in cosmology, broadly defined to include overlap with 
particle physics or astrophysics.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however Canadians and 
permanent residents will be given priority.  Simon Fraser University is 
committed to employment equity and encourages applications from all qualified 
women and men, including visible minorities, aboriginal people and persons 
with disabilities.  In exceptional circumstances, one appointment as associate 
professor may be possible.  Applications should include a curriculum vitae, 
publication list, and a short statement of research and teaching interests; 
electronic applications will be neither accepted nor acknowledged. Candidates 
should arrange for three letters of recommendation to be supplied in 
confidence. All correspondence should be directed to Prof. David Boal, Chair, 
Department of Physics - Simon Fraser University, 8888 University Drive, 
Burnaby BC, Canada V5A 1S6, to arrive no later than November 15, 2005.

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