AAS Committee on the Status of Women
Issue of November 4, 2005
eds. Patricia Knezek, Jim Ulvestad, & Joan Schmelz
This week's issues:

1. Women Profiled in Newsweek

2. Catalyst Releases Report Addressing Barriers to Women's Advancement

3. Gilbert and Jaylee Mead Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale University

4. AIP/APS Congressional Science Fellowship

5. Program Coordinator, Advanced Observing Program, Kitt Peak

6. How to submit, subscribe, or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN

1. Women Profiled in Newsweek
From: Ginny McSwain (mcswainastro.yale.edu)

Newsweek's October 24 issue highlights several prominent women leaders, 
including Vera Rubin and Eileen Collins.  Their interviews are available 



2. Catalyst Releases Report Addressing Barriers to Women's Advancement
From: Amy Simon-Miller (Amy.Simonnasa.gov)

From Nov. 1, 2005 Association of Women in Science, Washington Wire:

Gender-based stereotyping and not fact-based information often informs
senior executives' perceptions of men and women and misrepresents the true
talents of women, which contributes to the startling gender gap in business
leadership. This is according to "Women 'Take Care,' Men 'Take Charge':
Stereotyping of U.S. Business Leaders Exposed," a study by Catalyst. The
effects of gender-based stereotyping can be devastating, potentially
undermining women's capacity to lead, and pose serious challenges to
women's career advancement, the study finds. For the whole text, visit

www.catalystwomen.org/files/full/Women%20Take%20Care%20Men%20Take%20Charge.pdf .

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3. Gilbert and Jaylee Mead Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale University
From: Meg Urry (meg.urryyale.edu)

The Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics invites applications for the
Gilbert and Jaylee Mead Postdoctoral Fellowship in Astronomy and Astrophysics,
to be awarded to a young scientist of exceptional ability who will have
received her/his Ph.D. by summer 2006 in observational, theoretical, or
experimental astronomy or astrophysics. The Fellowship is for two years,
renewable for a third, and offers competitive salary, benefits, and research
funds. Conveniently located between New York City and Boston, Yale offers a
world-class intellectual environment and access to front-line astronomical
facilities, including WIYN, the SMARTS telescopes, Chilean telescopes (through
collaboration with the Univ. de Chile), and the Palomar-QUEST survey. The Mead
Postdoctoral Fellow will be free to carry out his/her own program of research,
although preference will be given to research interests that align with those
of the Yale astrophysics faculty (see http:www.yale.edu/ycaa/membership.html).
Active research at Yale includes cosmology, gravitational lensing, large-scale 
structure, galaxy evolution, active galaxies, multiwavelength surveys, (GOODS, 
MUSYC, COSMOS, QUEST),  gamma-ray bursts, high-energy astrophysics, black 
holes, local group galaxies, galactic structure, stellar evolution, nuclear 
astrophysics, astrometry, and solar astrophysics. More information is 
available from the Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics 
(http://www.yale.edu/ycaa/), the Department of Astronomy 
(http://www.astro.yale.edu/), and the Department of Physics 

Applications consisting of curriculum vitae, bibliography, and a brief
description of the anticipated research program should arrive by November 15,
2005, preferably by email to meg.urryyale.edu.  (Submissions by mail 
should be sent to the Mead Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee, Yale Center for 
Astronomy & Astrophysics, P.O. Box 208121, New Haven, CT  06520-8121.) 
Candidates should also arrange for at least 3 letters of recommendation to 
arrive by November 15. Candidates are welcome to contact relevant Yale 
faculty in advance to discuss the proposed research program, or to address 
inquiries to Meg Urry (meg.urryyale.edu), Director of the YCAA. 
Yale is an Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity Employer, and
applications from women and minorities are strongly encouraged.

4. AIP/APS Congressional Science Fellowship
From: Lalena Lancaster (llancastaip.org)

AIP will choose one scientist to spend a year working for a congressional 
office. Qualifications include U.S. citizenship, membership in at least one 
AIP Member Society at time of application, and a PhD or equivalent in 
physics or a related field. Please see http://www.aip.org/gov/cf.html for 
application details; application materials must be postmarked by 
January 15, 2006 and sent to: APS/AIP Congressional Science Fellowships, 
c/o Jackie Beamon-Kiene, APS Executive Office, One Physics Ellipse, 
College Park, MD 20740-3843.

5. Program Coordinator, Advanced Observing Program, Kitt Peak
From: Pat Knezek (knezeknoao.edu)

[Note: The "full consideration" date for this posting has passed, but this
position is still included in this week's release of NOAO job postings, so 
we were asked to include it.  In view of the original "full consideration" 
date, we advise applications at the earliest possible date. --eds.]

Kitt Peak National Observatory Visitor Center, located 56 miles southwest of
Tucson is searching for a full-time dynamic program coordinator for its
Advance Observing Program, (AOP). The Coordinator is expected to supervise,
train and schedule for AOP staff. The Coordinator develops and conducts new
educational programs, and maintains public telescopes.  Must be proficient in
CCD imaging and processing and have proven CCD imaging experience. Night hours
with flexible days. Three years experience with one year supervisory
experience. Ideal candidate must have excellent public speaking skills, be a
team player, and have strong organizational skills.  Bachelor degree or higher
in Astronomy, Science Education or related field.  Strong background in
Astronomy is highly desirable. Send resume, three references, and image
samples. Resumes received by October 21, 2005 (see note above), will be given 
full consideration.

Mailing Address: Human Resources Manager
                 National Optical Astronomy Observatory
                 Program Coordinator, AOP, Job #760
                 P.O. Box 26732
                 Tucson, AZ 85726-6732

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