AAS Committee on the Status of Women
Issue of September 8, 2006
eds. Patricia Knezek, Jim Ulvestad, & Joan Schmelz

This week's issues:

1. Reminder, AAS Prize Nominations

2. Residential Summer Camp, Shenandoah University

3. Astrophysics Faculty Position at Yale University

4. Three Tenure-Track Positions, Dept. of Phys. & Astron., U. of Denver

5. ALMA Project Scientist

6. How to submit, subscribe, or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN

1. Reminder, AAS Prize Nominations
From: Jim Ulvestad (julvestanrao.edu)

AASWOMEN readers are encouraged to submit nominations to the AAS for the
various AAS prizes and awards.  See page 7 of the August 2006 AAS Newsletter
for information on submitting nominations.  For the rather grim statistics
on the division of AAS prizes between genders, see the article by Vera
Rubin in the May 26 edition of AASWOMEN, available at 

http://www.aas.org/~cswa/bulletin.board/2006/05.26.06.html .

2. Residential Summer Camp, Shenandoah University
From: WIPHYS of September 5, 2006

Our mathematics and science departments at Shenandoah University have 
recently received funding to develop a program to encourage women to pursue 
educational and vocational paths in the mathematical sciences. As one of 
several parts of the initiative, we will be presenting, starting next 
summer, a residential program for a small group of rising high-school senior 
girls in order to expose them to the excitement of scientific exploration 
and research. 

It is in regard to this effort that I am contacting you. I would appreciate
very much if you could provide contact information for educators and
professional scientists who might have an interest in serving as resources 
in our program. Specifically, I would be most interested in corresponding 
with educators who have experience with similar residential programs and 
with scientists who might be interested in speaking to and/or mentoring the
students in our summer program. I thank you for your time and look forward 
to hearing from you.

Darren N. Bly, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Physics
Shenandoah University
Winchester, VA
Email: dblysu.edu 
Tel.: 540-678-4477

3. Astrophysics Faculty Position at Yale University
From: Meg Urry (meg.urryyale.edu)

The Department of Physics invites applications for a junior faculty position
in extragalactic astrophysics or experimental cosmology. The successful
candidate's research program should complement current research at Yale, which
includes high-energy astrophysics, cosmology, gravitational lensing, and the
interface of particle physics and astrophysics. Experimentalists
(instrumentalists, observers) and theorists are all encouraged to apply.
Conveniently located between New York City and Boston, Yale offers a
world-class intellectual environment; competitive salary, benefits, and
research funds; and access to front-line astronomical facilities, including
the WIYN telescope, the SMARTS telescopes, major telescopes in Chile (through
collaboration with the Univ. de Chile), and the Palomar-QUEST survey. The
successful candidate is expected to participate actively and effectively in
teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Interested applicants
should send a letter, curriculum vita, publication list, and a brief
description of proposed research to the Chair?s office, preferably
electronically, to giselle.devitoyale.edu, or by mail, to Giselle DeVito, 
Department of Physics, Office of the Chair, Yale University, P.O. Box 208120, 
New Haven, CT 06520-8120. Applicants should also arrange for 3 letters of 
recommendation to be sent to the same address (email preferred). For further 
information about the position, contact Professor Meg Urry, Director of the 
Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics and Chair of the Astrophysics 
Faculty Search Committee (meg.urryyale.edu).  Applications that are 
complete by December 1, 2006, will be assured of full consideration. Yale 
is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer, and applications from 
women and minorities are strongly encouraged. 
4. Three Tenure-Track Positions, Dept. of Phys. & Astron., U. of Denver
From: Robert Stencel (stenceldu.edu)

Please include mention of these job openings in the next AASWOMEN circ:
AAS job register #22772 -- Three tenure-track positions at the Department of
Physics & Astronomy, University of Denver-UNIVERSITY OF DENVER
5. ALMA Project Scientist
From: Fonda Bryant (fbryantnrao.edu)

SUMMARY: The ALMA Project Scientist is responsible for ensuring that ALMA 
is constructed and commissioned in such a manner as to meet the scientific 
requirements of the ALMA Agreement. As a Key Staff Member of the JAO, 
the Project Scientist will contribute to decision making, overall policy 
development and strategic planning. The Project Scientist reports 
directly to the ALMA Director and interacts closely with the Project 
Manager and Project Engineer.  The ALMA Project Scientist has the 
following major responsibilities:

- To lead the science commissioning and science verification of ALMA; 
- To maintain and interpret top-level scientific requirements and scope 
     of the ALMA project; 
- To establish the scientific requirements, as needed, for the various 
     subsystems of the project in conjunction with the Regional Project 
     Scientists, and to provide the Project Manager, Project Engineer 
     and the Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) with timely feedback on the 
     scientific acceptability of technical solutions and technical 
- To review and monitor all ALMA documents, including the commissioning 
     and test plans, for compliance with the scientific requirements; 
- To lead the global effort of the Science IPT together with the Regional 
     Project Scientists; 
- To lead the scientific activities of ALMA staff in Chile and maintain 
     interaction with the Chilean astronomical community. 

The successful candidate will be assisted by a staff of scientists and 
engineers, and will be in daily coordination with the Project Engineer 
and Project Manager for the science commissioning of the ALMA system and 
science verification. Operational aspects of the commissioning and science 
verification will be closely coordinated with the Head of Science 
Operations and Head of Technical Services. A fraction of the Project 
Scientist's time will be available for continuing personal astronomical 

QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants for the ALMA Project Scientist position should 
have a Ph.D. in astronomy, astrophysics, or a related field, as well as an 
established record of scientific and technical publications. At least five 
years of prior experience in an astronomical institution is required. 
Observational or instrumental experience at radio wavelengths, particularly 
with interferometers, is highly desirable. Strong team leadership abilities, 
excellent communication skills, and a command of English are essential.

LOCATION: Santiago de Chile. Frequent travel to different locations where 
ALMA construction activities are performed is required, including the 
Operation Support Facility (OSF) near San Pedro de Atacama and the Array 
Operations Site located at Chajnantor at 5,000m altitude. Occasional 
attendance at international science meetings is desirable.

STARTING DATE: As soon as possible. Review of applications will begin on 
October 15, 2006.

REMUNERATION: ALMA international staff will be recruited as employees of 
either ESO or AUI/NRAO. ESO and AUI/NRAO offer attractive remuneration 
packages including a competitive salary, comprehensive social benefits, and 
provide financial support in relocating families. Furthermore, an 
expatriation allowance as well as some other allowances may be added.  

Those who wish to apply for the position should forward an NRAO application 
and resume to the Human Resources Office at 520 Edgemont Road, 
Charlottesville, VA 22903. All applications should include names of four 
individuals willing to serve as professional references for the applicant.
For further information, please contact Mr. Robert D'Angio, Human Resources 
Manager, Tel. (434) 296-0234. The NRAO/ESO are equal opportunity employers. 
The post is equally open to suitably qualified male and female applicants.


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