AAS Committee on the Status of Women 
Issue of April 13, 2007 
eds. Joan Schmelz, Geoffrey Clayton, & Hannah Jang-Condell 
This week's issues: 
1. Discussion Thread on Childcare: Tips for nursing moms (WIPHYS) 
2. Discussion Thread on Childcare: HEAD Meetings 
3. Dorrit Hoffleit: 1907-2007 
4. CSWP Invited Session at APS Meeting 
5. Visiting Assistant Professor, Vassar College 
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6. Three faculty positions, USMA 
7. How to submit, subscribe, or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN (New!) 
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1. WIPHYS Discussion Thread on Childcare: Tips for nursing moms 
From: WIPHYS of April 6, 2007 
Mothers of nursing toddlers can certainly attend conferences and 
undertake other business travel, but it takes advanced planning. APS 
is not likely to offer free childcare anytime soon, but you can work 
things out on your own. 
One option: Limit the trip to no more than a few days, store an ample 
supply of mother's milk in your freezer, and leave your child in 
trusted hands safe at home. Bring a portable pump to keep your milk 
supply going while you're away. If your baby can drink formula, keep 
some on hand at home in case your return is delayed. 
If you absolutely must bring the baby with you to the conference, and 
you can't bring Dad or Grandma or another family member, then you'll 
have to leave your child with a new caregiver you don't yet know and 
trust. This is not ideal, but if you've got to do it, here are some 
ideas to consider. 
One option is to find a colleague who is also bringing a baby to the 
conference and team up. You can either take turns watching the kids, 
or combine your financial resources to hire a sitter to care for both 
kids at the same time. I suggest a combination: pay for 4 hours/day of 
childcare in the afternoon when the kids are mostly napping anyway, 
and take turns the rest of the day/evening. Two moms and two babies 
can also share a hotel room to save money. I recommend a suite hotel 
(e.g. Embassy Suites) that provides a frig and microwave. Bring a 
double stroller and you're in business. 
If you hire a private sitter through a referral agency, typically half 
of what you pay goes to the agency, so you'll do better costwise if 
you find the sitter on your own. Contact friends+colleagues who live 
in the city you'll be visiting to see if they can recommend a trusted 
caregiver. Maybe someone you know is bringing along a non-scientist 
spouse who could use the work. Be creative....Perhaps one of the grad 
students from your institution would like to bring along a spouse or 
friend to the conference; you could provide the plane ticket in return 
for help with childcare. 
Taking babies on business trips can get complicated, though. My 
husband and I tried bringing our firstborn to three major conferences, 
and two out of three times the baby ended up getting sick, ruining the 
trip for all of us. Even when the baby was healthy, we missed out on 
many conference activities and networking opportunities because we 
spent far too much time in our hotel room. 
At some point we switched strategy. My husband and I took turns 
attending conferences, except for the March meeting, when Grandma came 
to take care of the kid(s) at our house with the support of our 
regular daytime caregiver. That turned out to be the best solution for 
our family. 
I expect there are other working moms out there who can provide more 
up-to-date advice. My own kids are big now (ages 12 and 15) so it's 
been quite a while since I last toted a portable Medela pump in my 
briefcase. Good luck with all your travel planning! 
-Robin Selinger 
  Professor, Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary Program 
  Kent State University 
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2. Discussion Thread on Childcare: HEAD Meetings 
From: Saku Vrtilek (sakuhead.cfa.harvard.edu) 
At a HEAD meeting in San Diego (roughly 10 years ago) a suite 
was rented in the conference hotel and two caregivers provided. 
I believe we were charged by hour or by day.  About 8 children 
total were involved.  The children had a terrific time (mostly 
spent days at the beach or the pool) and the parents who took 
advantage could enjoy the meeting.  This meeting was organized 
by John Vallegra: it might be good to ask him how he managed 
such a splendid setup.  Eureka is a smaller organization than 
AAS and HEAD meetings much smaller than AAS meetings. 
3. Dorrit Hoffleit: 1907-2007 
From: Michael Rupen (mrupenaoc.nrao.edu) 
[thanks also to Meg Urry (meg.urryyale.edu)] 
Dorrit Hoffleit, a 100-year old professor at Yale, died on Monday 
9 apr 07.  She was probably best known in professional circles 
as the editor of the Bright Star Catalogue, but also had close contacts 
with the amateur community, especially through the AAVSO.  She won 
the van Biesbroeck prize for contributions to the field in 1988, and 
the Annenberg Prize for science education in 1993...despite having 
officially "retired" in 1975.  There's a good summary of her career at 
and some wonderful footage associated with her centenniel sympopsium (!) 
               -- Michael Rupen 
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Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 15:09:49 -0400 
From: arne (arneaavso.org) 
To: Aavso-discussion (Aavso-discussionmira.aavso.org) 
Subject: [AAVSO-DIS] The passing of an era - Dorrit Hoffleit 
We have been informed by Bill van Altena that 
Dorrit Hoffleit passed away yesterday afternoon 
after a brief illness.  She was alert and happy 
at her 100th birthday party in March, where it 
was my great pleasure to meet her again. 
We will be creating a web page for her in the 
next day or so, and will pass on any additional 
information as we find it out. 
4. CSWP Invited Session at APS Meeting 
From: WIPHYS April 10, 2007 
Don't miss the CSWP invited session in Jacksonville on 'Enhancing the 
Physics Enterprise through Gender Equity'.  It will take place on Sunday, 
April 15, 2007  at 1:15PM in Grand 7  of the Hyatt Regency.  Speakers 
include   Alice Agogino (University of California, Berkeley) 'Beyond Bias 
and Barriers: Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and 
Engineering',   Sue V. Rosser (Ivan Allen College, Georgia Institute of 
Technology)  'Recruit and ADVANCE', and   Margaret Murnane (JILA / 
University of Colorado) 'Best Practices for Recruiting and Retaining Women 
in Physics'  The session will be chaired by Bradley Keister (NSF). 
5. Vassar College - Visiting Assistant Professor 
From: Debra Elmegreen (elmegreenvassar.edu) 
The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Vassar College invites 
applications for a one-year replacement position in astronomy/physics at the 
assistant professor level beginning in September 2007; there is a 
possibility of a longer-term position in subsequent years. Applicants should 
have a Ph.D. in astronomy, physics, or astrophysics. Vassar College is an 
equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and is strongly and actively 
committed to diversity within its community.  Applications from members of 
historically underrepresented groups are especially encouraged. Preference 
will be given to observational astronomers and those with teaching 
experience. The successful candidate is expected to teach observational and 
planetary astronomy courses as well as introductory physics. Teaching load 
is 5 courses/year. The department consists of five physicists and two 
astronomers; their research specialties are detailed on the department 
homepage http://physicsandastronomy.vassar.edu 
(http://physicsandastronomy.vassar.edu/) . The Class of '51 Observatory on 
campus includes 32" and 20" telescopes with a spectrograph and CCD. Vassar 
College is a liberal arts college with an enrollment of 2400 students. The 
1000-acre campus is located in Poughkeepsie, 70 miles north of New York City 
along the Hudson River. Candidates should send (1) a curriculum vitae, (2) a 
statement of interest and experience in teaching, and (3) a statement of 
plans for research, including undergraduate research projects, and (4) 
arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent to the department. 
Applications received by May 1 will be given full consideration; 
applications received after that date will be considered until the position 
is filled. Salaries are competitive.  Department of Physics and Astronomy, 
Box 745, Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-0745, Attention: Professor Cindy Schwarz, 
Chair. Tel: (845) 437-7340; email schwarzvassar.edu. 
6. Three faculty positions, USMA 
From: WIPHYS April 10, 2007 
The Department of Physics at the United States Military Academy invites 
applications for three faculty positions for academic year 2007-8.  This 
is a term appointment in the excepted service with employment to start 
on or about 1 July 2007.  This is a full-time, thirteen-month position 
with possibility of renewal.  The applicants selected will attend new 
instructor training from 9 July 2007 through 10 August 2007 and begin 
teaching 20 August 2007.  Faculty selected will be expected to teach 
either sophomore-level calculus-based physics and the associated 
laboratory program or electives in physics or nuclear engineering. 
Applicants must possess an earned master's degree or PhD in physics, 
nuclear engineering, or related discipline.  Post-doctoral applicants 
are encouraged.   Application packets must include 1) introduction 
letter describing the applicant's qualifications, prior teaching 
experience, and the professional goals advanced by teaching at USMA for 
one year, 2) official copies of all undergraduate and graduate 
transcripts, 3) curriculum vitae, and 4) the email addresses of three 
references.  Salary is dependent on qualifications and experience, 
benefits are included.  Completed applications must be received not 
later than 11 May 2007.   Send applications to the Department of 
Physics, ATTN:  Ms. Kim Lee, United States Military Academy, West Point, 
New York 10996. The United States Military Academy is an Equal 
Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer.  Women and minorities are 
encouraged to apply. 
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