AAS Committee on the Status of Women 
Issue of August 10, 2007 
eds. Joan Schmelz, Geoffrey Clayton, & Hannah Jang-Condell 
This week's issues: 
1. Nominations Requested for Annie Jump Cannon Award 
2. Assistant Scientist with ALMA 
3. Head of Interferometry Data Analysis, EVLA & ALMA 
4. Jansky Fellowships 2008 
5. L'Oreal USA Fellowships for Women in Science (from WIPHYS) 
6. How to submit, subscribe, or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN 
1. Nominations Requested for Annie Jump Cannon Award 
From: Megan Donahue (donahuepa.msu.edu) 
The AAS is seeking nominations (including self-nominations) for 
candidates for the 2008 Annie Jump Cannon Award, for a North American 
female astronomer, for her outstanding research and promise for future 
research. The deadline for nominations is October 1. The 2008 
candidate must have received their PhD on or after Jan 1, 2003. 
A complete nomination includes: 
1. A letter of nomination with a concrete description the major scientific
results of the candidate and their impact. 
2. A vita and a bibliography 
3. Abstracts of 3 illustrative publications 
4. Two or three (no more, no fewer) supporting letters in addition to the
basic nomination letter. 
5. A 5-year research plan, written and submitted by the candidate, no more 
than 3 pages. 
This nomination (like nominations for all AAS 2008 prizes) must be in 
the AAS Secretary's office by October 1, 2007. So please consider one 
or more of your colleagues for this award. 
Please read the following pages for additional detail: 
We encourage you to think of potential candidates and either nominate 
them or encourage them to nominate themselves.  The prize includes the 
career recognition of an AAS honor, $1500, and a plenary session talk 
at an AAS meeting, with travel covered. 
2. Assistant Scientist with ALMA 
From: Fonda Bryant (fbryantnrao.edu) 
The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) is currently 
under construction in Northern Chile. ALMA will provide an order of 
magnitude, or more, improvement in observational capabilities in the 
millimeter/submillimeter wavelength band and can provide direct 
observations of many important phenomena, from proto-planetary disks 
to high z galaxies.  The North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC), 
located at the NRAO headquarters in Charlottesville, VA, is the portal 
for scientific and technical support of ALMA users in North America. 
To build up the NRAO scientific staff at the NAASC to support ALMA 
users and ALMA, we invite applications for one or more Assistant 
Scientist positions in the NAASC.  The primary responsibility of the 
successful candidates initially is to participate in ALMA 
Commissioning and Science Verification (CSV). These positions include 
25% time for independent research.  Commissioning of the first ALMA 
antennas in Chile will commence in 2008, in preparation for early 
science in 2010.  The NAASC is looking for candidates with scientific 
interests that are dependent on ALMA and with experience in short 
wavelength radio astronomy, and who can acquire the requisite 
expertise for long-range user and telescope support at the NAASC. 
The duty station is Charlottesville, VA. However, the first few years 
will require substantial time spent in Chile (roughly 30% to 50%), 
training and functioning as part of the CSV team. Successful 
participation in CSV activities in Chile places the candidate in a 
strong position to play a leading role in user and telescope support 
at the NAASC once early science begins, and to capitalize on the 
extraordinary scientific capabilities of ALMA.  An active scientific 
research program is highly encouraged in these positions.  The NRAO 
will provide basic research support, such as computing, scientific 
travel (conferences and observing) and page charges. 
The initial term of the appointment is 3 years, starting in the spring 
of 2008.  If renewed after the initial term, the positions are 
expected to be long-term, following the NRAO scientific staff policy. 
Renewal is based on the performance reviews and the availability of 
funds.  The NRAO benefits include vacation accrual, medical insurance, 
retirement benefits, and a moving allowance (see 
For exceptional applicants, these appointments may be made at the 
Associate Scientist or Scientist level. 
Candidates should have a PhD in astronomy, physics, or a related 
field, and should have a strong plan of independent research. 
Applications should include a statement of planned research, a 
description of any software, instrumentation, or telescope 
commissioning experience, a curriculum vitae including a publication 
list, and the names of three scientists who have agreed to provide 
letters of reference upon request. All material should be submitted as 
a single PDF file of the form 
"LastNameFirstInitial.AssistantScientist.pdf" via email 
Please reference "Assistant Scientist Position CV 3463" in the subject line. 
All applications received by November 
31, 2007, will be given full consideration, but applications will 
continue to be accepted until the positions are filled.  Women and 
minorities are especially encouraged to apply. 
3. Head of Interferometry Data Analysis, EVLA & ALMA 
Fonda Bryant (fbryantnrao.edu) 
This position is for a scientist or engineer who will lead development 
of the Common Astronomy Software Applications (CASA) post-observation 
data reduction and analysis package currently under development for 
EVLA and ALMA. Additionally the selected candidate will lead the ALMA 
Offline subsystem, responsible for integrating post-processing into 
the overall ALMA software system and directing non-NRAO personnel 
assigned to this subsystem. The position will be filled as either a 
Scientist or a Division Head, and will report to the Assistant 
Director for End to End Operations. The selected individual will 
develop project plans for continued development of this software in 
support of EVLA and ALMA requirements, will lead work teams conducting 
day to day development, will actively participate in algorithm 
development workshops and activities, will regularly attend data 
analysis users group meetings, will participate in ALMA design, 
planning, and review activities, and will investigate an interoperable 
architecture where, over time, newly developed algorithms can be more 
easily integrated into a production package maintained by NRAO. He or 
she will also work with single dish experts across the Observatory to 
ensure that this expertise is integrated effectively into ALMA, and 
will work with high-performance computing experts outside NRAO to 
ensure that new capabilities in computing are effectively addressed in 
software development for data analysis to support future needs of ALMA 
and EVLA. 
This individual will also monitor the schedule performance and adjust 
the schedule and team priorities as necessary to achieve optimal 
effectiveness in light of changing constraints and delivery schedules; 
manage the verification process with internal/external scientific 
staff to ensure methodical verification before components are released 
to the scientific community, and may also participate in code 
development for data post-processing and pipeline operations as 
This position will be based in Socorro, NM at the NRAO Array 
Operations Center or in Charlottesville, VA at NRAO 
Headquarters. Travel between sites and internationally will be 
required. Candidates who maintain active astronomical research 
programs are encouraged to apply. 
To be considered, applicants must have a degree in astronomy, 
astrophysics, physics, engineering or a related field; at least 5 
years of experience with radio astronomy techniques (interferometric 
observations and/or mm-wave observations, with single-dish expertise 
desirable). For an appointment as a Scientist a Ph.D. in Astronomy is 
required. Additionally, experience in software architecture 
(preferably with object oriented methods and C++/Python); experience 
establishing and managing multi-site work teams in a high-technology 
scientific environment; and experience with project planning and 
control activities is required. Experience developing astronomical 
processing algorithms and high performance computing is highly 
desirable. Experience with and understanding of C and Fortran 
Resumes with a cover letter specifying the available position of 
interest (CV3391) should be addressed to NRAO, Human Resources Office, 
520 Edgemont Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903 or electronically to 
resumesnrao.edu. Non-specific resumes/applications will not be 
considered. NRAO is an Equal Opportunity Employer - women and minority 
candidates are encouraged to apply. 
4. Jansky Fellowships 2008 
From: Fonda Bryant (fbryantnrao.edu) 
The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) announces the 2008 
postdoctoral Jansky Fellowship program that provides outstanding 
opportunities for research in astronomy.  Jansky Fellows formulate and 
carry out investigations either independently or in collaboration with 
others within the wide framework of interests of the Observatory. 
Prior radio experience is not required and multi-wavelength projects 
leading to a synergy with NRAO instruments are encouraged.  The NRAO 
also encourages applications from candidates with interest in radio 
astronomy instrumentation, computation, and theory. 
Up to three appointments will be made for positions at any of the NRAO 
sites (Socorro, NM; Green Bank, WV; and Charlottesville, VA).  In the 
coming years, as ALMA commissioning activities get underway, we expect 
that there will also be positions available in Chile.  Jansky Fellows 
are encouraged to spend time at universities working with 
collaborators during the course of their fellowship.  In addition to 
appointments at NRAO sites, up to three non-resident Jansky Fellowship 
appointments will be offered for positions that may be located at a 
U.S. university.  Frequent and/or long term visits to NRAO sites are 
encouraged.  Split Fellowships with time spent at NRAO and at a 
U.S. university are allowed. 
The starting salary will be $56,000 per year with an appointment 
duration of two years and possible renewal for a third year.  There is 
a research budget of up to $10,000 provided per year for travel and 
computing requirements.  Fellows are eligible for page charge support, 
vacation accrual, health insurance coverage, and a moving allowance. 
In addition, up to $3,000 per year is provided to defray local 
institutional costs for non-resident Jansky Fellows. 
The NRAO web site provides a description of the application process 
and other relevant details: 
Candidates must receive their PhD prior to beginning a Jansky 
Fellowship appointment. 
The deadline for BOTH applications and letters of recommendation is 
November 16, 2007.  The NRAO is an equal opportunity employer 
Award offers will be made by February 15, 2008, with the Fellowships 
expected to begin in September 2008. 
From: WIPHYS of August 9, 2007 
Now in its fifth year, the L'Or=E9al USA Fellowships For Women in Science= 
program announces the 2008 call for applications for this special fellowship= 
program for exceptional female post doctoral students. 
Since its launch in May of 2003, L'Or=E9al's US Fellowship program has 
recognized and rewarded 20 exceptionally talented  young women scientists= 
engaged in breakthrough research projects at leading universities and 
research institutions across the country. 
The L'Or=E9al USA Fellowships for Women in Science grants of $40,000 are 
awarded each year to five female post docs in the life and physical/material= 
sciences, technology (including computer science), engineering or 
Details will be posted at http://www.lorealusa.com/forwomeninscience 
  For more information please contact Yolanda George, Deputy Director, 
Education and Human Resources Programs, AAAS (ygeorgeaaas.org 
(mailto:ygeorgeaaas.org) ) 202-326-6677. 
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