AAS Committee on the Status of Women 
Issue of September 21, 2007 
eds. Joan Schmelz, Hannah Jang-Condell & Caroline Simpson 
This week's issues: 
1. Two-body problem: links to institutional policies and other resources 
2. Tenure Track Astronomy Position at Haverford College 
3. Vera Rubin Article in Physics Today 
4. theWoman Astronomer 
5. How to Submit, Subscribe, or Unsubscribe to AASWOMEN 
6. Access to Past Issues of AASWOMEN 
1. Two-body problem: links to institutional policies and other resources 
From: Eric Jensen [ejensen1swarthmore.edu] 
Thanks for your recent series of posts on the two-body problem.  As a 
resource for people facing this issue, I've been maintaining a list of 
academic institutions that have some sort of explicit policy regarding how 
they deal with couples in the hiring process, as well as links to other 
resources related to this issue.  The page is at 
http://astro.swarthmore.edu/~jensen/couples.html.  If any AASWOMEN readers 
have additions for this page, or suggestions for how it could be improved, I 
encourage them to contact me. 
2. Tenure Track Astronomy Position at Haverford College 
From: Steve Boughn [sboughnhaverford.edu] 
Haverford College seeks to fill a tenure-track position in astronomy 
at the assistant professor level, beginning September 2008. 
Candidates must have a strong commitment to teaching and establishing 
a vigorous research program involving undergraduate students in 
astronomy.  Ph.D. required; post-doctoral experience highly desirable. 
The candidate will teach astronomy at all levels, contribute to the 
physics program, and support the observational component of our 
astronomy program.  Applicants should submit c.v., a list of graduate 
courses taken, a statement of research plans, a brief statement of 
teaching philosophy, and three letters of recommendation to: Merleen 
MacDonald, Search Secretary, Haverford College, 370 Lancaster Ave., 
Haverford, PA 19041-1392.  Questions to: Dr. Walter Smith, Chair, 
(wsmithhaverford.edu).  First priority will be given to applications 
received before November 15, 2007.  Haverford College 
(http://www.haverford.edu), a liberal arts college with a strong 
record of faculty and student research, is located 12 miles northwest 
of Philadelphia. 
Haverford is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action 
employer, committed to excellence through diversity, and strongly 
encourages applications and nominations of persons of color, women, 
and members of other under-represented groups 
3. Vera Rubin Article in Physics Today 
From: Pat Knezek [pknezeknoao.edu] 
Vera Rubin has written a really interesting and fun article entitled 
"A two-way galaxy" that appears on page 8 of the September 8 issue of 
Physics Today.  I particularly appreciated her entertaining mix of 
science and life!  Check it out. 
4. theWoman Astronomer 
From: Debra L Davis [saturna2earthlink.net] 
This past July, theWoman Astronomer celebrated its 10-year anniversary. To 
commemorate this milestone, I have begun publishing a free monthly ezine and 
would like to invite you to subscribe. You may do so by visiting 
http://www.womanastronomer.com/newsletter.htm and entering your email 
address. There are also links on this page to the July and August issues, 
and the next issue will be out shortly. 
The mission of theWoman Astronomer is to promote astronomy as a hobby and 
science, to encourage women and girls interested in astronomy, and to be a 
resource to the astronomy community and the public at large. 
I believe in this mission and know that theWoman Astronomer is one more way 
to make a difference in the issues that CSWA is so diligently working to 
Recently I watched a report on the evening news about the newfound success 
of young women in business. The reason for this success was largely 
attributed to a strong network these women are involved with. I believe this 
is a model that would also be successful for women and girls interested in 
astronomy. With nearly 104K visitors to www.womanastronomer.com in the past 
12 months, I know their interest is strong and they are looking for a place 
that addresses their needs. 
But I can't do it alone, and I am requesting your help. There are five ways 
in which you may get involved: 
1. Send me a link to your web site. I will add the link to your page on the 
Links page (http://www.womanastronomer.com/links.htm) under current 
professional women astronomers. 
2. Give me your input on theWoman Astronomer. How can it be improved? What 
do you like? Dislike? What is missing? Please email me with any suggestions 
and/or ideas you may have or give me a call at 520.203.4412. 
3. Make a literary contribution. I am completely open to subjects of 
articles. They might include biographies of women astronomers, a day in your 
life as an astronomer, outreach on your research, words of encouragement to 
women and girls, a book review, etc. The sky is the limit! Your articles on 
theWoman Astronomer will reach the audience you are seeking to help. 
4. Help theWoman Astronomer grow by advertising your job positions on the 
site. I have been posting the jobs listed in the CSWA newsletter, but if 
your department has advertising dollars to spend, you can help support 
theWoman Astronomer and reach the candidates you are looking for. 
I offer you the opportunity to really reach out to a wide audience of women 
and girls interested in astronomy, to create our own network, and to address 
the issues that are most important to the CSWA and theWoman Astronomer. I 
hope you will join me in this important work to create a strong network of 
women astronomers. 
Thank you for your time, and your continued support. 
Clear skies! 
Debra L. Davis 
theWoman Astronomer 
Where women are the stars! 
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