AAS Committee on the Status of Women 
Issue of February 1 & 8, 2008 
eds. Joan Schmelz, Hannah Jang-Condell & Caroline Simpson 
This week's issues: 
1. Advice on the CSWA Website 
2. Tenure-Track Position at New Mexico Tech 
3. How to Submit, Subscribe, or Unsubscribe to AASWOMEN 
4. Access to Past Issues of AASWOMEN 
1. Advice on the CSWA Website 
From: Joan Schmelz [jschmelzmemphis.edu] 
My co-editor, Caroline Simpson, suggested recently that CSWA have a webpage 
with links to resources/information/articles, arranged by topic. The 
subscribers of AASWOMEN have discussed many interesting topics over the 
years, and all this information is available in old issues, but it is 
not in a convenient and readily accessible format. 
I thought this was such a good idea that I immediately suggested several 
topics that should be included on the webpage: 
-- How to be a Better Advisor I: Top Ten List 
-- How to be a Better Advisor II: Student Tears 
-- Yes, Virginia, Discrimination and Harassment Do Still Happen 
-- New Advice for an Old Problem? (2-Body Problem) 
It is possible to find these topics on the website if you know where and 
when to look, but I like the idea of a topics page where a 'novice' (i.e., 
someone with no history with CSWA, AASWOMEN, or STATUS) could turn to find 
information relevant to issues in which he/she might be interested. 
Do you agree? If so, what other topics would you like to see covered? 
Finally, are there topics that you think should be included that AASWOMEN 
has not discussed (or discussed recently)? 
Please send us your thoughts and feedback! 
2. Tenure-Track Position at New Mexico Tech 
From: Michelle Creech-Eakman [mceinanna.nmt.edu] 
I just wanted to point out that we have a tenure-track position open here 
at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM. Our department and university have much 
to offer astronomers/physicists including a wonderful, close-knit campus of 
2000 students (40% of whom are women), a department faculty of 12 (6 of us  
do astronomy and 4 of us are women), the operations center for the VLA is 
across the street, and we are in the early operational phases of a new 
optical/infrared observatory: the Magdalena Ridge Observatory. 
You can learn more about our department at: http://www.physics.nmt.edu 
You can learn more about the observatory at: http://www.mro.nmt.edu 
If you are interested, please see our ad in the AAS register: 
We are accepting applications through Feb 15. 
3. How to Submit, Subscribe, or Unsubscribe to AASWOMEN 
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To subscribe or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN 
go to http://lists.aas.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/aaswlist 
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4. Access to Past Issues of AASWOMEN 
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