AAS Committee on the Status of Women 
Issue of September 26, 2008 
eds. Joan Schmelz, Hannah Jang-Condell & Caroline Simpson 
This week's issues: 
1. Women Astronomers in the Media: Dr. Kelly Holley-Bockelmann 
2. Women and Men in the IT Profession 
3. MacArthur Fellows in Astronomy 
4. TAC Postdoctoral Fellowships at UC Berkeley 
5. Postdoctoral Research in Extragalactic Astronomy, U of Arkansas 
6. Pre/Postdoctoral Opportunities in Planetary Science at NASA 
7. Tenure Track Faculty Positions, Florida State University 
8. Joint Faculty Position in Science Education, Hope College 
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1. Women Astronomers in the Media: Dr. Kelly Holley-Bockelmann 
From: David James [david9hawaii.edu] 
[Editor's note: We apologize for the delay in these first two 
postings, which were delayed in moderation.  Please send all 
submissions to aaswomenaas.org.] 
Further to your "Women Astronomers in the Media" section, you might want 
to include a piece of Vanderbilt University's Dr Kelly Holley-Bockelmann, 
who received wide media attention on her recent research: 
2. Women and Men in the IT Profession 
From: Michele Bannister [michelebmso.anu.edu.au] 
In response to the article linked to previously, "Why Can't a Women Be 
More Like A Man", I suggest for a balance this article from 
Communications of the ACM, "Women and Men in the IT Profession", which 
has some very interesting findings. 
3. MacArthur Fellows in Astronomy 
From: Geoff Clayton [gclaytonfenway.phys.lsu.edu] 
Andrea Ghez (and Adam Riess) were named MacArthur Fellows this week: 
[Editor's note: the following also appeared in WIPHYS Sept. 23, 2008] 
Best wishes to Andrea Ghez, UCLA, who has been awarded a MacArthur 
Grant for her work in astrophysics, using novel, ground-based 
telescopic techniques to identify thousands of new star systems and 
illuminate the role of super-massive black holes in the evolution of 
galaxies!  Details at 
Andrea was the winner of the APS' Maria Goeppert Mayer Award in 1999. 
4. TAC Postdoctoral Fellowships at UC Berkeley 
From: Eliot Quataert [eliotastro.berkeley.edu] 
TAC Postdoctoral Fellowships at UC Berkeley 
The Theoretical Astrophysics Center (TAC) at the University of  
California, Berkeley, invites applications for the TAC Postdoctoral  
Fellowships, starting in the summer or fall of 2009. The Fellows are  
expected to carry out independent research on topics of their  
choosing in theoretical astrophysics, cosmology or planetary  
science.  The positions are for three years and include a competitive  
salary, research stipend, and full benefits.  In addition to being  
considered for the TAC Fellowship, applicants will also be considered  
for grant-supported postdoctoral positions with TAC members. 
Current senior members of the TAC include Jonathan Arons, Eugene  
Chiang, Joanne Cohn, Marc Davis, Al Glassgold, Richard Klein, Chung-  
Pei Ma, Philip Marcus, Christopher McKee, Burkhard Militzer, Eliot  
Quataert, Uros Seljak, and Martin White.   Successful candidates will  
also have the opportunity to interact and work with the broad  
spectrum of researchers in the Berkeley Astronomy Department and with  
other experimental and theoretical programs in the neighboring  
Physics Department (dark matter detection, infrared astrophysics,  
CMB), Space Sciences Laboratory (hard X-ray astronomy, cosmic rays,  
ultraviolet astronomy, solar system astrophysics), and the Lawrence  
Berkeley National Laboratory (supernovae, BOSS, SNAP, DES, weak  
lensing, nuclear astrophysics).   Further information may be found at  
Candidates should have obtained their Ph.D. in astrophysics or a  
related field. Required application materials include a CV,  
bibliography, and statement of research interests and plans.  Please  
submit applications electronically at http://astro.berkeley.edu/tac/  
tacsearch.html by December 1, 2008. Three letters of reference should  
be emailed to 
tacjobastro.berkeley.edu by the same date.  The applicant's full  
name should be included in the subject line of the email containing  
the letter of reference.  Please contact 
tacjobastro.berkeley.edu with any questions about the position. 
The University of California, Berkeley is committed to affirmative  
action by actively recruiting qualified women and minorities for  
employment opportunities: Affirmative Action Employer/Equal  
Opportunity Employer. 
5. Postdoctoral Research in Extragalactic Astronomy, U of Arkansas 
From: Julia Kennefick [jkennefuark.edu] 
Position title: Postdoctoral Research Associate in Extragalactic  
Location: University of Arkansas at Fayetteville 
The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville seeks applicants to fill  
the position of Postdoctoral Research Associate in the area of  
extragalactic astronomy. This full-time, non-tenure track, 12-month  
appointment will carry a competitive salary and excellent benefits.  
The initial appointment is for one year with funding available for a  
further two years. The position will start as soon as possible, but by  
August 15, 2009 at the latest. Fayetteville, Arkansas is located in  
the Ozark Mountains and is regularly rated as an affordable city with  
high quality educational, cultural, and outdoor opportunities.  The  
position will be to work on the Arkansas Galaxy Evolution Survey  
(AGES), which is a collaborative effort between several University of  
Arkansas Fayetteville and Little Rock astronomers. The current goals  
of the project are to conduct a census of supermassive black holes and  
to study their relation to galaxy evolution. The postdoctoral  
associate will become an active member of this team. Research  
experience in studies of supermassive black holes and/or AGN is  
desired, but candidates with broad galaxy evolution interests are  
encouraged to apply. 
The successful candidate must have earned a PhD in astronomy, physics  
or a related field before employment commences. Direct all technical  
inquiries to Daniel Kennefick at danielkuark.edu. Direct all other  
inquiries and applications to jmiracleuark.edu or (479) 575-2506. The  
subject line should reference job #Y09140P.  Applications should  
include a letter stating qualifications and background for this  
position; curriculum vitae; list of publications; and a statement of  
research interests (not to exceed 2 pages).  Please also arrange for  
three letters from professional references to be sent to Department of  
Physics, University of Arkansas, PHYS 226, Fayetteville AR 72701,  
Attn: Mr. Jim Miracle or via e-mail to jmiracleuark.edu.  Only  
complete electronic applications (PDF preferred) will be considered.  
Full consideration will be given to complete applications received by  
November 15, 2008, but later applications will be considered until the  
position is filled.  The University of Arkansas is an Affirmative  
Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and women, minorities, and  
individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. All applicants  
are subject to public disclosure under the Arkansas Freedom of  
Information Act and persons hired must have proof of legal authority  
to work in the United States. 
6. Pre/Postdoctoral Opportunities in Planetary Science at NASA 
From: Amy Simon-Miller [Amy.Simonnasa.gov] 
Postdoctoral Opportunities in Planetary Science at GSFC 
The NASA GSFC Planetary Systems Lab (Code 693) is seeking qualified 
applicants for the NASA Postdoctoral Program.  Personnel in our group study 
many of the bodies in the solar system and extra-solar planets.  We 
particularly seek applicants interested in the study of the atmospheres of 
the outer planets, especially atmospheric dynamics and cloud structure. 
Experience in radiative transfer or dynamical modeling (including wave 
propagation) is a plus.  Researchers will have access to data from Galileo, 
Cassini, New Horizons, the Hubble Space Telescope and other facilities. 
Interested applicants should follow the guidelines and application 
procedures of the NPP (preferred deadline 11/1), and also contact 
us to help define a research focus: 
For more information on the Lab's interests, please contact Dr. Amy 
Simon-Miller via email (Amy.Simonnasa.gov) or at the DPS 2008 meeting in 
Ithaca. NASA GSFC is an EEO employer. 
Student Opportunities in Planetary Science at GSFC and/or JPL 
A collaborative planetary group with members at GSFC and JPL seek 
students interested in the decomposition of multivariate data sets 
to understand the atmosphere of Jupiter and other planets. 
Applicants can be hosted at either location (GSFC in Greenbelt, MD, 
or JPL in Pasadena, MD), through our undergraduate and graduate student 
programs, especially the Co-op, USRP and GSRP programs: 
At JPL: 
For more information, please contact Dr. Amy Simon-Miller at GSFC 
(Amy.Simonnasa.gov) or Dr. Padma Yanamandra-Fisher at JPL 
(padmascn.jpl.nasa.gov).  We will both be at the DPS 2008 meeting 
in Ithaca, as well.  NASA GSFC and JPL are EEO employers. 
7. Tenure Track Faculty Positions, Florida State University 
From: WIPHYS September 24, 2008 
Two Tenure Track Faculty Positions, Experimental and Theoretical High 
Energy Physics, Florida State University 
The Florida State University Physics Department is seeking applicants 
for two tenure track Assistant Professor positions starting in Fall 
2009.  One position is in theoretical high energy physics, where 
current group interests include calculations of higher order QCD 
effects in collider physics, heavy quark phenomenology, determinations 
of parton distribution functions, and lattice field theory.  We are 
seeking candidates with a strong background in theoretical high energy 
physics and experience in collider phenomenology. Interest and 
experience in areas of astroparticle physics, while not required, 
would also be welcomed. 
The second position is in experimental high energy physics to work on 
the CMS experiment.  The successful applicant will take an immediate 
leadership role in one or more projects within the collaboration and 
initiate a substantial physics research program. 
Applicants should send a letter of interest, a curriculum vitae with a 
list of publications, a research plan, and arrange for at least three 
letters of recommendation to be sent to: Physics Department, Florida 
State University, Tallahassee, Florida 32306-4350.  Please address 
applications for the theory position to Prof. Laura Reina and those 
for the experimental position to Prof. Harrison Prosper. Review of 
applications will begin October 15, 2008 and continue until the 
position is filled. 
Florida State University has a diverse student body and is committed 
to a faculty that reflects this. Florida State University is an Equal 
Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer, and it especially encourages 
applications from women and members of minority groups. 
8. Joint Faculty Position in Science Education, Hope College 
From: WIPHYS September 24, 2008 
[Editor's note: edited for length.  The full text is available at 
http://www.hope.edu/academic/physics/HHMIAd/SciEdFacPos.htm ] 
Hope College invites applications for a new tenure track assistant 
professorship in science education. This joint appointment will be 
with one of the Natural & Applied Sciences departments and the 
Education Department. We seek candidates with primary research and 
teaching interests in the teaching and learning of science and 
mathematics, a strong record of K--12 teaching, as well as a current 
working knowledge of instructional technology and state and national 
content/instructional standards in these areas. 
APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Consideration of candidates will begin on 
November 14th and will continue until the position is filled. Submit 
curriculum vitae, statement of teaching philosophy and competencies, 
research plans, official graduate and undergraduate transcripts, three 
current letters of recommendation to: 
Richard Mezeske 
Hope College 
P.O. Box 9000 
Holland, MI 49422-9000 
(616) 395-7000 
Hope College places a high priority on sustaining a supportive 
environment that recognizes the importance of having a diverse faculty 
in order to best prepare our students for successful careers in our 
multi-cultural nation and global community. Applications from 
qualified persons with diverse backgrounds and cultures, including 
women and persons of color are, therefore, especially welcomed. Hope 
College complies with federal and state requirements for 
nondiscrimination in employment. 
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