AAS Committee on the Status of Women 
Issue of April 24, 2009 
eds. Joan Schmelz, Caroline Simpson & Michele Montgomery 
This week's issues: 
1.  IYA She is an Astronomer Press Release 
2.  M. Hildred Blewett Scholarship 
3.  On-Ramps into Academia Workshop, October 2009 
4.  Travel Support to ICMP 
5.  Visiting Assistant Professor at Ohio University 
6.  How to Submit, Subscribe, or Unsubscribe to AASWOMEN 
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1. IYA She is an Astronomer Press Release 
From: Andrea Schweitzer [schweitzfrii.com] 
The She Is An Astronomer project seeks to break down misconceptions and 
gender issues in astronomy and science 
21 April 2009, Paris: The highly anticipated International Year of 
Astronomy 2009 Cornerstone project, She Is An Astronomer, was launched 
today. She Is An Astronomer aims to help achieve several of the United 
Nations Millennium Development Goals, including promoting gender equality 
and empowering women. 
The official SIAA website, www.sheisanastronomer.org, provides a 
one-stop-shop for gender issues in astronomy and science. The site boasts 
five sections: profiles of living and historic astronomers; resources for 
female astronomers; events taking place during IYA2009; an SIAA 
Ambassadors' Area; and a forum where issues, lessons and challenges can be 
discussed, including the opportunity to question experts. The website 
provides neutral, informative and accessible information and will be used 
to advertise new events, keeping interested parties at the forefront of 
developments. Examples of best practices and relevant statistics will be 
pooled, making them accessible to the wider community. Content will be 
regularly added during 2009, resulting in a vast depository that will 
remain online long into the future, acting as an ongoing legacy. 
The complete press release is at: 
She Is An Astronomer website: 
Andrea Schweitzer, Ph.D. 
U.S. Project Manager for the International Year of Astronomy 
Little Thompson Observatory 
cell: 970-691-4747 
Fort Collins, Colorado 
2. M. Hildred Blewett Scholarship 
From: WIPHYS April 22, 2009 
The M. Hildred Blewett Scholarship for Women in Physics consists of an 
award of up to $45,000 to enable women to return to physics research 
careers after having had to interrupt those careers for family 
reasons.  Details on the scholarship and how to apply can be found at 
Applications are due June 1, 2009.   
Please share this information with a woman in physics who may be interested!  
3. On-Ramps into Academia Workshop, October 2009 
From: WIPHYS, April 24, 2009 
Workshop seeks to lure women researchers from industry to academia. 
A series of national workshops at the University of Washington will 
try a novel approach to boost the number of women faculty in 
university science, technology, engineering and mathematics 
departments. It will seek to lure women from industry - in other 
words, help women who have established careers in the private sector 
to consider applying for academic jobs.  
The On-Ramps into Academia workshops are funded by a new grant from 
the National Science Foundation. The program is geared to provide an 
alternative to the intense competition that exists when hiring 
talented women faculty to tenure-track positions.  
The first workshop, to be held in Seattle over two days in October, 
will provide practical tools and support to women who are interested 
in making a transition. Senior women researchers who have made the 
jump to successful academic careers will provide information, 
networking opportunities and support to others who might be 
considering a similar move. Topics to be covered will include the job 
application process, interviewing and start-up negotiations.   This 
fall's event will be the first of three annual workshops.  
Women with at least three years of experience after completing a 
Ph.D. or postdoctoral position are invited to apply. The workshop is 
free and, because of the weak economy, participants for the fall 
workshop can apply for stipends to cover travel costs to Seattle. The 
online application, at 
http://www.engr.washington.edu/onramp/Application.htm, takes less than 
an hour to complete. Priority will be given to applications submitted 
before May 15.     
For more information, contact Eve Riskin at 206-685-2313 or 
4. Travel Support to ICMP 
From: WIPHYS, April 24, 2009 
There is a block travel grant from the US National Science Foundation 
to provide travel support for US based participants to go to Prague 
for the International Congress of Mathematical Physics in August, 
2009.  The deadline to apply is April 30. 
For information on the grant and how to apply see 
For information about the ICMP and its satellite meetings, see 
5. Visiting Assistant Professor at Ohio University 
From: Joseph Shields [shieldsphy.ohiou.edu] 
The Department of Physics and Astronomy and Astrophysical Institute 
at Ohio University is seeking a Visiting Assistant Professor in 
Astronomy/Astrophysics.  The individual hired to this position will 
be responsible for teaching one course per term during the three- 
quarter academic year, and will be expected to participate in the 
Astrophysical Institute's public outreach and research activities. 
The appointment will begin September 1, 2009 for a period of one 
year, with renewal for additional years contingent on satisfactory 
performance and availability of funding. 
Ohio University is a public institution with an enrollment of 21,000 
students.  The Department of Physics and Astronomy has 27 permanent 
faculty and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, including a 
PhD in physics with a concentration in astrophysics. The University 
and the Department are committed to excellence in teaching at all 
levels.  Ohio University is a partner in the MDM Observatory, and 
members of the Astrophysical Institute maintain a vigorous program of 
theoretical and multi-wavelength observational research. 
Applicants for the position should have completed a PhD by September 
2009 in astronomy or a closely related field.  Applications should be 
submitted via email to Prof. Joseph Shields at shieldsphy.ohiou.edu, 
and should include a cover letter with a statement of teaching 
interests, a curriculum vitae, and names of at least three 
individuals who can be contacted to provide letters of reference. 
Review of applications will begin May 15 and will continue until the 
position is filled.  Ohio University is committed to quality, 
diversity, and equal opportunity. 
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