AAS Committee on the Status of Women 
Issue of September 11, 2009 
eds. Joan Schmelz, Caroline Simpson & Michele Montgomery 
This week's issues: 
1. Invitation 
2. Welcome and Thanks 
3. CSWA Issues 
4. Women in Astronomy III 
5. Casual Sexism: A Couple of Random Anecdotes 
***The following position was taken from WIPHYS*** 
6. Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Physics Department, The College of Wooster 
7. How to Submit, Subscribe, or Unsubscribe to AASWOMEN 
8. Access to Past Issues of AASWOMEN 
1. Invitation 
From: Editors of AASWOMEN [aaswomenaas.org] 
As a new academic year begins, we invite you to help us expand our 
community of readers and contributors. Please forward this issue of 
AASWOMEN to any new students, post-docs, and scientists that may be 
interested. Instructions for how to Submit, Subscribe, or Unsubscribe to 
AASWOMEN appear at the end of each issue and are repeated here (please 
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To submit to AASWOMEN: send email to aaswomenaas.org. 
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2. Welcome and Thanks 
From: Joan Schmelz [jschmelzmemphis.edu] 
Please join me in welcoming our new CSWA members: Anne Hornschemeier, 
George Jacoby, Donald Kniffen, and Marc Postman.  We should also thank 
the returning members for their hard work: Michele Montgomery, Hannah 
Jang-Condell, Wallace Sargent, Caroline Simpson, and Joannah Hinz. 
A very special thanks goes out to our retiring members: Geoff Clayton 
and John Feldmeier. Among other duties, Geoff served as CSWA chair for 
the last two years and John maintained the committee's web site at: 
3. CSWA Issues 
From: Joan Schmelz [jschmelzmemphis.edu] 
As we start a new academic year, I would like you to think about (new) 
issues that CSWA should address. In years past, we've dealt with things 
like discrimination and sexual harassment; although this still happens, 
at least the number of incidents has diminished and there are procedures 
for dealing with them. More recently, the committee has addressed 
the two-body problem and work-life balance. As with discrimination and 
harassment, these issues are not "solved," and more work needs to be done, 
but progress has been made. 
What are the issues concern you? 
4. Women in Astronomy III 
From: Ann Hornschemeier [Ann.Hornschemeiernasa.gov] 
We would like to invite you to attend the upcoming "Women in Astronomy 
and Space Science" meeting, which is subtitled "Meeting the Challenges 
of an Increasingly Diverse Workforce." 
This meeting has broad sponsorship, from NASA and NSF as well as STScI, 
The meeting takes place at the Inn and Conference Center, University 
of Maryland University College from October 21 to October 23, with the 
conference dinner on Thursday, October 22nd. 
While the first word in the title is "Women", there is also a strong 
emphasis on minorities, and generational differences as well as women in 
the workforce, with a great line-up of speakers, panels, and networking 
events. The meeting emphasizes best practices for success and is meant 
to be useful to women and men, to early career, mid-career, and senior 
career scientists. 
A number of networking events are planned, with networking breakfasts 
every morning providing an opportunity for early career scientists to 
interact with keynote attendees. 
For more details see 
Here are some important dates: 
Early Registration Ends: Sep 21, 2009 
Abstracts Due: Sep 21, 2009 
Meeting Dates: Oct 21-23, 2009 
5. Casual Sexism: A Couple of Random Anecdotes 
From: HannahWomen in Astronomy Blog, Aug 31, 2009 
1) Today is the first day of school, and since my youngest is starting 
kindergarten, I walked the kids into school this morning. The principal 
greeted me, saying "Now you have both kids in school! Going back home 
to a quiet house?" To which I replied, "Um, no, actually, I have to go 
to work." To be fair, I dressed this morning in jeans and a T-shirt, 
so I guess I could see the confusion. But still, what's the point in 
being in a profession where I can dress how I like if the rest of the 
world is still going to judge me by my clothes anyway? 
2) This blog is attracting more and more spammers. The latest one is 
from some guy who would like me to link to his blog that rehashes space 
science news. I'd be more tempted to click through and see what his blog 
actually was about if the email weren't addressed to "Dear Sir." 
6. Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Physics Department, The College of Wooster 
From: WIPHYS Sept 8, 2009 
The College of Wooster Physics Department invites applications for 
a tenure track Assistant Professor position beginning fall 2010 to 
teach a variety of physics courses and labs, guide student research 
projects, and develop a publishable research program involving 
students. Ph.D. in Physics or related field required. Experimentalist 
preferred. Participation in the College's interdisciplinary programs, 
including First-Year Seminar, is expected. 
Our department is an inclusive community that emphasizes cooperation over 
competition, resulting in high student satisfaction (AIP report June 2004) 
with close faculty-student interactions and mentoring. Our physics club 
has won national awards for its elementary school outreach program. Each 
Wooster student completes a yearlong senior thesis project in our 
nationally recognized senior capstone program. Wooster ranks in the top 
3 percent nationally as the baccalaureate origin of Ph.D.s when compared 
with other 4-year institutions. Over 16 years, students from 19 states 
and 40 institutions have collaborated with our faculty on NSF-REU funded 
research projects. More information about our department is available at 
 http://www3.wooster.edu/physics .
Send curriculum vitae, teaching philosophy, research plan, unofficial 
graduate transcripts, and three letters of recommendation to Dr. Susan 
Lehman, Chair, Department of Physics, The College of Wooster, Wooster, 
OH 44691 or SLehmanwooster.edu. Electronic submission (pdf) is 
preferred. Consideration of applications will begin 15 October 2009 and 
will continue until the position is filled. 
The College of Wooster is an independent college of the liberal 
arts and sciences with a commitment to excellence in undergraduate 
education. The College values diversity, strives to attract qualified 
women and minority candidates, and encourages individuals belonging 
to these groups to apply. Wooster seeks to ensure diversity by its 
policy of employing persons without regard to age, sex, color, race, 
creed, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual 
orientation, or political affiliation. The College of Wooster is an 
Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer. Employment is subject to 
federal laws requiring verification of identity and legal right to work 
in the United States as required by the Immigration Reform and Control 
Act. Drug-free workplace. 
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