AAS Committee on the Status of Women 
Issue of September 18, 2009 
eds. Joan Schmelz, Caroline Simpson & Michele Montgomery 
This week's issues: 
1. Preparing for the Storm 
2. AAS STATUS Newsletter 
3. 215th AAS Meeting - Washington, DC 
4. IYA 2009 - Are You Involved? 
5. SMA Postdoctoral Fellowships 
6. How to Submit, Subscribe, or Unsubscribe to AASWOMEN 
7. Access to Past Issues of AASWOMEN 
1.  Preparing for the Storm 
From:  Women In Astronomy Blogspot 
On Wedneday, September 16, Hanna Jang-Condell blogs about her trials   
and tribulations of job hunting:  "So, part of the reason I haven't   
been posting frequently these recent months is that I have this great   
big issue hanging over my head, like a cloud appearing over the   
horizon, but steadily coming closer and casting a shadow over   
everything.  Things have only gotten worse as I've begun to realize   
just how monstrous and terrible that cloud really is. 
The cloud is job hunting...." 
Please contribute to this blog by commiserating with Hanna or telling   
us your stories on recent job hunts.  Please respond to this blog at 
2.  AAS STATUS Newsletter 
From:  Fran Bagenal [bagenaliasp.colorado.edu] 
Along with the rest of the world, the AAS CSWA is moving from print to   
electronic media.  The electronic newsletter AASWomen reaches most of   
the community and many people interested in the issues of women in   
astronomy are participating in blogs and chatrooms.  Corresponding,   
there have been 2 changes to STATUS, the printed newsletter of the AAS   
CSWA:  (i) we are improving the electronic archive and (ii) the   
newsletter will come out once (rather than twice) per year. 
(1) Back issues of STATUS are now online.  They have always been   
available as .pdf files but we now have all the separate articles as   
.html files - and the archive is searchable. 
There are lots of interesting stuff in these back issues - covering   
topics that seem to recur - e.g., balancing work and family, graduate   
recruitment, biographies of women astronomers, gender in/equality,   
mentoring, etc. 
(2) I am aiming to get an issue of STATUS out before the WIA3   
conference at GSFC (Oct 21-23).  Please send me any contributions you   
would like to submit for publication.  It could be a book review, a   
snippet of news, an article you read elsewhere that you think should   
be shared by the community, an anonymous Notes From A Life about your   
experiences.  Please send the contributions to 
Fran Bagenal 
Editor, STATUS 
3.  215th AAS Meeting - Washington, DC 
From:  AAS 
Early registration for the 215th AAS Meeting to be held in Washington,   
DC is from 1 September - 30 September.  The abstract submission   
deadline is 9:00 PM EDT on Thursday, 1 October.  For more information,   
please see the home page of 
4.  IYA 2009 - Are You Involved? 
From:  Michele M. Montgomery [montgomeryphysics.ucf.edu 
Each month events are planned around the world for IYA 2009.  Not all   
events are local!  For example, you can streamcast 'live' via National   
Galactic Television to view deep sky objects seen from e.g., the   
Southern Galactic Telescope in Australia.    The live broadcasts   
target night sky objects of interest as seen from the Southern   
Hemisphere whenever weather conditions are favorable.  For this type   
of event and others, see the IYA 2009 Events Calendar at 
5.    SMA  Postdoctoral Fellowships 
From:  David Wilner [dwilnercfa.harvard.edu] 
The Submillimeter Array (SMA), a collaborative project of the   
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and the Academia Sinica   
Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Taiwan), consists of eight   
movable 6 meter diameter antennas that together combine to make   
uniquely detailed images in the submillimeter part of the spectrum,   
through atmospheric windows that open up on the high, dry summit of   
Mauna Kea, Hawaii. With collecting area comparable to the largest   
single dish submillimeter telescopes and baselines to 500 meters, the   
SMA is used for subarcsecond resolution studies of a wide range of   
astrophysical phenomena, including Solar System bodies, protoplanetary   
disks, star forming regions, evolved stars, supermassive black holes,   
and galaxies both nearby and at cosmological distances. 
Applications are invited for SMA Postdoctoral Fellowships starting in   
fall 2010.  These positions are aimed chiefly at research in   
submillimeter astronomy, and the successful candidates will propose   
and participate in science observations with the SMA. Applicants must   
have a recent Ph.D. in astronomy or a related field. Practical   
experience in millimeter or submillimeter wavelength astronomy, radio   
interferometry, instrumentation, or experience in any applicable   
branch of astrophysical theory is desirable.  It is expected that the   
SMA Fellows will be based at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for   
Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA.  Candidates who would like to be based   
at the SMA facility at the University of Hawaii, Hilo, HI, are also   
encouraged to apply.  Information and instructions for submitting   
applications can be found at 
Please direct questions to smapostdoccfa.harvard.edu. 
Online applications are due November 30, 2009. 
6. How to Submit, Subscribe, or Unsubscribe to AASWOMEN 
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To submit to AASWOMEN: send email to aaswomenaas.org All material 
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To subscribe or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN go to 
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If you experience any problems, please email itdeptaas.org 
7.  Access to Past Issues of AASWOMEN 
Past issues of AASWOMEN are available at 
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