AAS Committee on the Status of Women 
Issue of December 11, 2009 
eds. Joan Schmelz, Caroline Simpson & Michele Montgomery 
This week's issues: 
1. I'm planning a research sabbatical next year and by the way, we're 
   expecting a kid  
2. On-line article in SALON about careers in science 
3. Nobel Prize Winning Women in Science 
4. 'Tis the season 
5. National Summit on Gender and the Postdoctorate 
6. CSWP/DPF Networking Luncheon 
7. IBM Research Internship for Undergraduate Women 
8. Public Education Specialist, Green Bank, NRAO 
9. ALMA Postdoctoral Fellow 
10. Stromlo Fellow Vacancy 
11. Faculty Positions in Physics, University of California, Berkeley and 
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 

12. Tenure-track Position, University of New Hampshire  
13. How to Submit, Subscribe, or Unsubscribe to AASWOMEN 
14. Access to Past Issues of AASWOMEN 
1. I'm planning a research sabbatical next year and by the way, we're 
   expecting a kid  
From: Ann Hornschmeier [Ann.Hornschemeiernasa.gov] 
Next year is stacking up to be my dream year, which I'll describe at 
the end of this blog. Hey, don't skip or you'll miss the 
point! Before the dream, however, came a bit of a nightmare. For a while 
we had major funding problems in my lab and the project work took so 
much of my time I was making little progress on my research. I did 
manage to win a research prize but was wondering if the way things were 
going if I was going to live up to that prize's expectations.  
A new research sabbatical program was announced just a few years ago at 
GSFC. What if I could spend an entire year doing research and be let off 
my project duties for a while? I really love working with engineers and 
instrument scientists, but project work can be extremely intense with 
major time periods with no breaks. You get research time during the down 
times, but sometimes I was completely spent at that point!  
Yes, I mentioned a kid in the title. So, in the mean time, my husband 
and I were hoping for a kid...  
[please see the entire post at 
2. On-line article in SALON about careers in science 
From: Jill Bechtold [jillbechtoldgmail.com] 
Nobel laureates:  Gender Balance needed 
by  Malin Rising, AP 
"The career structure is very much a career structure that has worked 
for men" says one winner 
The two female winners of this year's Nobel Prize in medicine on Sunday 
urged scientific institutions to change their career structures to help 
more women reach top positions. 
for full article, see 
3. Nobel Prize Winning Women in Science 
From: Hannah Jang-Condell [Hannah.Jang-Condellnasa.gov] 
[This is related to the item, above. -- eds.] 
I caught a re-broadcast of this radio program over the weekend and had 
to share: Nobel Prize winners Drs. Blackburn and Greider on the Diane 
Rehm show, also featuring Melody Barnes, who works in the Obama 
administration. They talk about the importance of mentoring and 
supporting women as they start having families. It's also nice to hear 
that the president cares about diversity in STEM.  
Today, there's also a CNN article about Dr. Greider, who, as it turns 
out, is a single mom. What an inspiration!   
[From the Women in Astronomy blog at 
4. 'Tis the Season 
From: AASWomen editors 
This holiday season, why not give the AASWomen newsletter as a gift to 
a graduate student, undergraduate student  or colleague whom you think might be 
interested? Simply cut and paste the invitation below. 
"I thought you might be interested in subscribing to the Women in 
Astronomy newsletter. It's a weekly email compendium of topics of 
interest to women in astronomy and those who support them.  
To subscribe go to 
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5.  National Summit on Gender and the Postdoctorate 
From: WIPHYS, Dec. 11, 2009 
The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) is hosting a National Summit 
on Gender and the Postdoctorate on March 10 11, 2010. The Summit will 
take place in Philadelphia, in conjunction with the NPA's Annual 
Meeting, which begins on March 12th. All those with an interest in 
fostering programs and initiatives to assist postdoc women in 
transitioning to the professoriate are invited to attend the Summit.  
Postdocs are especially encouraged to come, and are invited to apply for 
a travel award to cover their travel expenses. Travel awards of up to 
$750 per person are available to cover registration, lodging, meals, and 
travel to the Summit.  Deadline for travel and award applications: 
December 18, 2009.  
For more information on the Summit and instructions for applying for a 
travel award, visit: http://www.nationalpostdoc.org/advance summit. 
The National Summit on Gender and the Postdoctorate is part of NPA 
ADVANCE, a project supported by the National Science Foundation's 
ADVANCE program to advance the careers of women in science and engineering. 
Contact: Kathleen Flint, NPA Project Manager, kflintnationalpostdoc.org 
6. CSWP/DPF Networking Luncheon 
From: WIPHYS, Dec. 9, 2009 
The Committee on the Status of Women in Physics (CSWP) and the Division 
of Particles and Fields (DPF) will co-sponsor a buffet luncheon for 
women in physics from 12:00-1:30 pm on Monday, February 15, 2010 at the 
APS meeting in Washington, DC.  The speaker will be Bonnie Fleming, Yale 
The luncheon is open to all: both men and women are welcome to attend. 
This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a full buffet lunch and 
network with colleagues!  Cost: $20.  Students are $5, thanks to the 
generosity of DPF.  
Space for this popular event is limited. Pre-registration is strongly 
advised by February 1, 2010 at 
http://www.aps.org/meetings/april/events/receptions/index.cfm . After 
that date, you must purchase tickets ON SITE at the Balances Due desk at 
the APS Registration Area as long as tickets are available.  
7. IBM Research Internship for Undergraduate Women 
From: WIPHYS, Dec. 4, 2009 
In 2010, IBM will offer a Summer Research Internship for Undergraduate 
Women.  These summer internships are salaried positions typically 10 
weeks long, and include the opportunity to work with a mentor at one of 
three IBM research locations.  
Applications must be submitted by February 1, 2010.  Complete details on 
the program and how to apply are available at 
8. Public Education Specialist, Green Bank, NRAO 
From: Dee Boyd [dlboydnrao.edu] 
The National Radio Astronomy Observatory Robert C. Byrd Green Bank 
Telescope (GBT) in Green Bank, WV, is seeking a Public Education 
Specialist to collaborate with the Green Bank Education Officer, the 
Assistant Director for Education and Public Outreach (EPO) and all EPO 
staff to design, fund, implement the Observatory-wide formal and 
informal education program.  
The Public Education Specialist designs, develops, and implements formal 
education, informal education, and professional development programs 
related to astronomy, radio astronomy and the NRAO for K-12 teachers and 
students; gives programs, presentations, and tours for the public, 
media, teachers, and students; designs, develops, and creates hardcopy 
and online educational materials for use by students and the general 
public; answers queries from educators, students and the general public 
about the NRAO and astronomy; actively participates as a member of the 
Education and Public Outreach Division, contributing to Observatory-wide 
short and long-term planning, program development, reporting, and 
performance assessment; assists in seeking external funding to further 
develop the NRAO EPO program; and others duties as assigned.  
A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in astronomy, physical science, science 
education, or a related field is required.  At least five years of 
classroom teaching or informal instructional experience in a museum 
setting is also desired. Documented experience in program development 
and proposal writing experience in support of education and public 
outreach, including a record of EPO grant success with the NSF, NASA, or 
other funding agencies is required.  
For further requirements and to apply, please visit our Careers site at 
https://careers.nrao.edu.  Review of applications will begin 
immediately. NRAO is an Equal Opportunity Employer - M/F/D/V.  
9.  ALMA Postdoctoral Fellow 
From: Dee Boyd [dlboydnrao.edu] 
The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) is playing a leading 
role in the construction and operations of the Atacama Large 
Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA). When inaugurated in 2012, ALMA 
will be the most powerful (sub)millimeter interferometer ever 
constructed, and will transform our understanding of topics ranging from 
the formation of nearby protoplanetary disks to the earliest epochs of 
galaxy formation.   
We invite applications for a Postdoctoral Fellow to work with the Joint 
ALMA Observatory (JAO) scientific staff as it gears up for the 
commissioning and validation of ALMA. The initial appointment beginning 
in Fall 2010 will be for two years, with the possibility of extension to 
a third year based on mutual agreement and budget availability. These 
international staff positions are funded from the construction project 
and as such, will come to an end when construction is complete. Members 
of the commissioning team will, however, be in a very strong position to 
compete for long-term positions that may become available. The role of 
the ALMA Postdoctoral Fellow will be to assist the ALMA Commissioning 
Team in planning and executing the scientific commissioning of ALMA. As 
a member of the commissioning team, the successful applicant will work 
on preparing specific test procedures and trouble-shooting them, 
carrying out measurements, processing the data and producing 
reports. Assignments may include tasks such as measuring the properties 
of individual antennas, testing and calibrating the various 
interferometric observing modes, and moving on to verifying the quality 
of the scientific data that ALMA produces.  
The position will be based at the Santiago, Chile, ALMA Office and will 
offer an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the 
tools needed to make the most of ALMA's scientific promise.  
The successful candidate will be expected and encouraged to continue an 
active program of independent research. Funding to present research 
findings at international conferences is supported.  
To be considered, applicants must have a PhD in astronomy, chemistry, 
physics or a related field.The successful candidates must have the 
following requirements: Experience working in a multidisciplinary team 
environment; high level of communication in English; and a working 
knowledge of or the willingness to learn Spanish.  Experience with 
radio, especially millimeter, observations and related data reduction 
software is preferred, along with a proven track record of scientific 
research. Demonstrated skills in the following areas would be an 
advantage, but are not required: Knowledge of computing languages 
(python, xml, etc); development of data reduction and analysis software; 
and experience trouble shooting hardware in a Linux environment. The 
successful applicant will be required to spend a significant amount of 
time working at the ALMA sites at OSF (2,900m elevation) and 
occasionally at the Array Operations Site (5,000m elevation). A 
successful high altitude medical check is a necessary condition for this 
Applicants can apply online at https://careers.nrao.edu and should 
include a brief summary of past and planned independent scientific 
research, relevant previous experience, a curriculum vitae, and a brief 
cover letter. The application deadline is December 31, 2009; however, 
review of applications will begin immediately. Interviews may be 
arranged at the AAS meeting for qualified applicants whose applicant 
packages are received by December 31, 2009.  However, all applications 
received by January 15, 2010, will receive consideration.  Applicants 
should also arrange to have three reference letters sent directly to: 
hrnrao.edu by the December 31st deadline. Please indicate "ALMA 
Commissioning Postdoc" in the subject line. Questions regarding this 
position should be directed to Al Wootten at awoottennrao.edu. NRAO is 
an Equal Opportunity Employer - M/F/D/V.  
10. Stromlo Fellow Vacancy 
From: Michelle McWilliam [Michelle.McWilliamanu.edu.au] 
The Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics (RSAA) of The Australian 
National University is seeking to appoint a distinguished early career 
researcher as Stromlo Fellow.  
The Stromlo Fellow is expected to pursue a vigorous, full time, 
self-directed research program in astronomy and to provide academic 
leadership in their field of research. This is a five year, fixed-term 
appointment having a minimum salary of AU$74,447. The fellowship carries 
with it an annual research grant of AU$15,000 and is available from 
early 2010.  
The School operates Siding Spring Observatory (SSO), near Coonabarabran 
in the central west of NSW. The primary ANU facility at SSO is a 
well-instrumented 2.3m telescope, which is being equipped with a new, 
high-efficiency optical integral field spectrograph (WiFeS). Siding 
Spring is also the site of ANU's new 1.3m SkyMapper telescope, 
which will undertake a 6-colour digital imaging survey of the entire 
southern sky, with additional time available for individual research 
The successful candidate will have access to world-class supercomputing 
facilities, and to Australia's national radio and optical/IR 
facilities. RSAA is a foundation member of the Giant Magellan Telescope 
consortium and is participating in the Murchison Wide-field Array 
consortium. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to 
supervise graduate students and to apply for additional research funding 
through the competitive grant schemes of the Australian Research 
Preferably candidates will have a background in one of the current 
research themes of the RSAA. These include: Stellar Astrophysics, 
Cosmology, Galactic Archaeology, Black Hole Phenomena and Planetary 
Science.  However, we will give serious consideration to outstanding 
applicants in any field of astronomy and astrophysics.  
We expect that the successful candidate will have demonstrated an 
excellent track record of independent research, and will have outlined 
an outstanding research program to be carried out during the term of the 
Fellowship.  The successful candidate would typically have up to 5 years 
experience following their PhD.  
We particularly encourage applications from women and minority groups. 
Applicant enquiries can be made to Profesor Harvey Butcher at 
Director.RSAAanu.edu.au or Geoff Bicknell at geoffmso.anu.edu.au  
Closing date is 15th January 2010. 
Applications should be made online at http://info.anu.edu.au/hr/Jobs 
reference A460-09TG  
11. Faculty Positions in Physics, University of California, Berkeley and 
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 
From: WIPHYS, Dec. 11, 2009 
The Physics Department of the University of California, Berkeley and the 
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory intend to make two joint faculty 
appointments effective July 1, 2010.  
One position is targeted for Computational Astrophysics; this 
appointment will be made jointly between the Physics Department and 
Nuclear Sciences and/or Physics Divisions at LBNL.  
A second position is targeted for Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, 
with an intended focus on Local Probes and/or Materials; this 
appointment will be made jointly between the Physics Department and the 
Materials Sciences Division of LBNL.  
These searches will be at a junior level, though an appointment at a 
senior level is possible if a candidate with outstanding breadth and 
record is identified; both positions will be at either the tenure track 
(assistant professor) level or tenured (associate professor or full 
professor) level depending on previous record.  
All qualified candidates are invited to apply, and applications from 
minority and women candidates are especially encouraged.  A curriculum 
vitae, bibliography, statement of research interests, and a list of at 
least 3 references (names and complete addresses including email) are 
required for consideration. UC Berkeley's Statement of 
Confidentiality can be found at: 
http://apo.chance.berkeley.edu/evalltr.html .  
Online applications are strongly preferred. Please go to 
http://www.physics.berkeley.edu  and click on the Faculty Job 
Listing link located in the right side bar.  Follow the directions 
for self-registration, uploading of PDF's, and obtaining the URL 
for your letters of reference writers.  For applicants at the assistant 
professor level, give this URL to at least 3 references and have them 
upload their letter.  
For applicants who wish only to be considered at the associate or full 
professor level, it is sufficient to provide names and addresses in the 
initial application; the search committee will contact these references 
only after the applicant is selected for further consideration.  If 
online application is not possible, mail curriculum vitae, bibliography, 
statement of teaching and research interests, and names and full 
addresses of at least 3 references to:  
Physics Department Search Committee 
University of California, Berkeley 
366 LeConte Hall MC 7300 
Berkeley, CA 94720-7300 
Applications by E-mail or FAX will not be accepted.  Applications should 
be received by Jan 12, 2010, at which time interviews will begin, but 
will be accepted until March 19, 2010.  Applications submitted after 
close of business March 19, 2010 will not be considered.  The University 
of California is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer.  
12. Tenure-track Position, Experimental Space Physics, Univ. of New Hampshire  
From: WIPHYS, Dec. 9, 2009 
The Department of Physics at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) 
invites applications for a tenure-track position at the rank of 
Assistant or Associate Professor in the area of experimental space 
physics. We are currently seeking candidates who can strengthen our 
program in space physics and astrophysics through research using 
sounding rockets, balloons or small satellites (areas that are 
traditionally funded by NASA's Low Cost Access to Space 
program). The position will have half the normal teaching and service 
load and will be jointly appointed in the Space Science Center (part of 
the UNH Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space). Since the 
1960s the Space Science Center has had a vigorous and internationally 
recognized graduate program in space research. This includes not only a 
long line of satellite missions (such as IBEX, STEREO, ACE, CLUSTER and 
CGRO), but also a series of suborbital projects using both sounding 
rockets and balloons. The suborbital program has strong components in 
auroral, upper atmosphere, solar and high-energy astrophysics research, 
all supported by a well-equipped machine shop, extensive environmental 
testing facilities and an experienced engineering staff. Successful 
candidates will be expected to develop externally funded research 
programs and to contribute significantly to the teaching mission of the 
Department of Physics. Information regarding research and educational 
programs within the Department of Physics and the Space Science Center 
may be found at www.physics.unh.edu and at 
www.eos.unh.edu/resctr/ssc.shtml, respectively.  
The University actively creates and nurtures a dynamic learning 
environment in which qualified individuals of differing perspectives, 
life experiences, and cultural backgrounds pursue academic goals with a 
mutual respect and shared spirit of inquiry.  
UNH is a Land Grant, Sea Grant and Space Grant institution with 
approximately 13,000 undergraduate and graduate students. It is located 
near the New Hampshire seacoast and is within sixty miles of Boston, MA, 
Portland, ME and the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire. There are 
numerous departments and research institutes that provide excellent 
opportunities for interdisciplinary research (see www.ceps.unh.edu and 
Application review will begin on February 15, 2010 and continue until 
the position is filled. Electronic applications are 
requested. Applicants should send a CV, a statement of research 
accomplishments and plans, a statement on teaching, and also arrange for 
three electronic letters of recommendation to be sent directly to 
Ms. Robbin Williams at Robbin.Williamsunh.edu. Inquiries about the 
position should be addressed to Professor Mark McConnell at 
UNH is an equal opportunity employer, and strongly committed to 
achieving excellence through diversity. The University actively 
encourages applications and nominations of women, persons of color, 
persons with disabilities, and members of other underrepresented 
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