AAS Committee on the Status of Women 
Issue of March 12, 2010 
eds. Joan Schmelz, Caroline Simpson, & Michele Montgomery 
This week's issues: 
1.  WIA Blogspot: AAS Employment Section 
2.  International Women's Day 100 Year Centenary 1911-2011 
3.  Gender Balanced Scienitific Publications 
4.  Now Seeking Nominations - Outstanding Undergraduate Science Teacher 
5.  MacGillavry Fellowship 
6.  12 month, Assistant Professor or Lecturer Position, Mount Allison   
7.  How to Submit, Subscribe, or Unsubscribe to AASWOMEN 
8.  Access to Past Issues of AASWOMEN 
1.  WIA Blogspot: AAS Employment Section 
From:  HannahWomen in Astronomy Blog, March 10, 2010 
I am writing this on my way to Philadelphia, where I will be attending   
the Summit on Gender and the Postdoctorate, hosted by the National   
Postdoctoral Association. I'll post a report on the meeting next week,   
but for now I'll (finally!) post a summary of the Employment session   
at the AAS Meeting. 
On Monday morning of the AAS Meeting, I went to the special session on   
Employment, organized by Anil Seth. (Full disclosure: I am a co-author   
on Anil's decadal white paper on Employment and Funding in   
Astronomy.  There were four speakers on the Panel, Beryl Benderly, a   
writer for ScienceCareers at Science Magazine; Rachel Ivie, a   
statistician from the American Institute of Physics, well-known for   
her studies on women in physics and astronomy; Jim Ulvestad from the   
Employment Committee at the AAS; and Steve Beckwith, chair of Research   
for the U of C schools. 
 From the point of view of someone in the thick of applying for jobs,   
what they had to say was not terribly encouraging.  [To read more on   
AAS Employment, to read follow-on comments, and to post your own   
comments, please go to 
2.  International Women's Day 100 Year Centenary 1911-2011 
From:  Michele M. Montgomery [montgomeryphysics.ucf.edu] 
International Women's Day (IWD) is world-wide celebration of the past,   
present, and future economic, political, and social achievements of   
women.  IWD is a national holiday in China, Russia, Vietnam and   
Bulgaria, for example. The first IWD was held March 8, 1911 and next   
year's day marks the IWD Global Centenary 1911-2011.  You can read   
about the first international women's day and see international   
women's day pictures at 
On March 8th, CERN celebrated the progress of women in particle   
physics by encouraging as many women employees as possible to be on   
shift in the control rooms for CERN's experiments and accelerators, to   
staff the IT helpdesk, and to guide official visits.  By showing that   
women are present at all levels of the laboratory, CERN is sending a   
clear message to women, especially to young women:  Women are welcome   
in the field as physicists, engineers and computer scientists and   
particle physics is a field where women can be in the forefront of   
experimental research.  Scenes from the control room can be viewed at 
and you can read about it (scroll half-way down the page) at 
3.  Gender Balanced Scienitific Publications 
From: Michele M. Montgomery [montgomeryphysics.ucf.edu] 
One of our readers, Dennis Conlin, brought to our attention a letter   
to the editor in the April issue of Astronomy magazine entitled   
"Practicing good examples." The letter is from sociologist Katrien Van   
der Heyden of Berchem, Belgium and she notes that she is looking for   
good practices of gender-balanced scientific publications.  She finds   
that the Astro-Confidential section of Astronomy magazine is one such   
example.  The question we have to our readers is, should scientific   
publications be gender balanced?  Please email your responses to 
and please let us know if we can use your name, organization, and/or   
comments in an upcoming issue of AASWomen or Women In Astronomy Blog. 
Thank you Dennis Conlin for bringing this to our attention. 
4.  Now Seeking Nominations - Outstanding Undergraduate Science Teacher 
From: WIPHYS March 4, 2010 
Nominations are now being sought for the 2011 Outstanding   
Undergraduate Science Teacher Award (OUSTA) granted by the Society for   
College Science Teachers (SCST), an affiliate of the National Science   
Teachers Association (NSTA). A nominee need not be a member of the   
SCST. Nominations may be made by colleagues or students and   
self-nominations are also encouraged! 
The purpose of the OUSTA is to recognize the achievements of teaching   
colleagues who have enhanced the profession as outstanding teachers of   
college-level science. This annual award is based upon a selection   
process that evaluates nominees according to the following ranked   
categories: 1) teaching excellence; 2) scholarship; and 3) service. 
For details regarding the nomination and application process, visit 
http://www.scst.org/SCST/Grants_%26_Awards.html .  
The deadline for application materials is June 1, 2010.  (Although   
this date may seem a long way in the future, nominating and/or   
beginning the application process early will allow ample time for   
compiling the required materials.) 
Please send names of potential nominee/applicants to   
csandlermich.edu . We will follow-up with everyone to provide 
further materials and details about the application process. 
We are also interested in hearing from you if you are considering   
self-nomination so that we can guide you through the process. 
Won’t you consider applying for this award and/or identifying your   
colleagues who are outstanding undergraduate science teachers so that   
they might be encouraged to apply for the 2011 OUSTA? The award   
includes a cash award, membership in SCST and NSTA, travel stipend to   
attend next two years’ national conferences, and more.  The awardee   
will be responsible for delivering a brief luncheon talk about   
teaching at the NSTA/SCST conference in Year One and a lecture about a   
topic of their choosing in their own discipline in Year Two. 
Questions?  Email csandlerumich.edu 
Claire Sandler, Director 
University of Michigan Science Learning Center 
csandlerumich.edu  -- 734-763-9399 
OUTA Committee Chair 
5.  MacGillavry Fellowship 
From:  WIPHYS March 10, 2010 
The Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam attaches great   
importance to the recruitment and successful development of excellent   
young scientists within the research and teaching staff. As part of   
this drive, we are initiating a new recruitment programme for top   
level female talent, named after the ground breaking crystallographer   
Carolina MacGillavry, an UvA alumnus.   In the first round of this   
programme we offer 5 MacGillavry fellowships (tenure track).  
For these fellowships we are seeking women that excel in one of the   
faculty's disciplines, who possess leadership potential and aspire to   
a career as a professor at the University of Amsterdam.  The   
fellowship comprises a tenure track, whereby the fellow starts as   
assistant professor (UD) in a temporary position, with the prospect of   
a permanent appointment as associate professor (UHD) as well as a   
subsequent career path leading to a full professorship. Depending on   
the fellow's qualifications, entrance at a higher level is also   
We offer our Fellows first and foremost an inspiring and challenging   
scientific environment in one of Europes leading cities, a centre of   
great cultural and scientific activity. The MacGillavry Fellows can   
count on excellent guidance and support in their scientific, teaching   
and academic leadership development. The fellowship is accompanied by   
a suitable scientific start-up package, and assistance is available   
concerning issues such as partner job-search, child care and   
The scientific disciplines of the Faculty are: 
- Biological Science and Biomedical Science 
- Earth Sciences (Physical Geography) 
- Informatics and Logic 
- Physics 
- Chemistry 
- Astronomy 
- Mathematics and Statistics 
More information can be found at: 
(subject: MacGillavry fellowship) 
6.  12 month, Assistant Professor or Lecturer, Mount Allison University 
From:  Robert Hawkes [rhawkesmta.ca] 
The Department of Physics at Mount Allison University invites   
applications for a full-time 12 month term position with particular   
responsibility for teaching astronomy and astrophysics related   
courses. Applicants should possess a Ph.D. in physics, astronomy or a   
closely related area, and have a strong commitment to undergraduate   
teaching.  It is likely that the teaching assignment will be two   
courses per term (including associated laboratories), with three of   
the four courses being astronomy or astrophysics related.  The   
university observatory offers opportunities for both outreach and   
research activities. The appointment will be made at the rank of   
Lecturer or Assistant Professor and will commence on July 1, 2010.    
Applications should include a curriculum vitae, a statement of the   
candidate's teaching interests and philosophy, and a statement of   
current and recent research interests.  Submission of summaries of   
teaching evaluations are encouraged where available.  All applications   
received by March 26, 2010 will receive full consideration.   
Applications should include names and contact information for three   
(or more) referees.  Applications are to be addressed to: 
Dr. Robert Hawkes 
Chair of the Search Committee 
Department of Physics 
Mount Allison University 
Sackville, NB 
E4L 1E6 
Fax: 506-364-2583, 
Email: rhawkesmta.ca 
It is strongly preferred to have applications submitted electronically   
in the form of pdf attachments.  Mount Allison University welcomes   
diversity in the workplace and encourages applications from all   
qualified men and women, including aboriginal peoples, persons with   
disabilities, and members of visible minorities. All qualified   
candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent   
residents will be given priority. Canadians and permanent residents   
should indicate their citizenship status in their application. 
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