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January 1996


Page 1: Fair Job Searches?, by Nadine G. Barlow

Page 3: DPS CSWA Meeting Summary, by Beatrice Muller

Page 5: Working Women Count!, by Wendee M. Brunish

Page 9: Space for Women Day at CfA, by Julie Corliss

Page 8: Personal Reflections on..., by Jean Chiar

Page 10: From the Editor, by Kathryn Mead


STATUS is published in January and June by the American Astronomial Society, 2000 Florida Avenue, NW, Suite 400, Washington DC 20009.

Contributed articles are accepted. These articles reflect the opions of the authors, which is not necessarily the opinion of the AAS. STATUS is published for the personal use of AAS members.

Edited by
Dr. Kathryn N. Mead, NRAO, Campus Building 65, 949 N.
Cherry Ave., Tucson, AZ 85721, kmead@nrao.edu

From the Editor

As most of you know, this is my first issue as editor. I hope you find something of use and/or interest to you. So far, this has been fun. I’ve met new people and explored previously unused desktop publishing features of my word processor (Word Perfect for Mac.)

I welcome articles for future issues as well as feedback on the current issue. Contributions can be editorials, factual accounts, letters to the editor or anything else that realates to the Status of women in society in general and astronomy in particular (the former effects the latter, of course.) The next deadline for articles is around late April for publication coincident with the June AAS meeting.

Kathy Mead, Visiting Scientist, NRAO, kmead@nrao.edu

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