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Women in Astronomy Database

by Priscilla Benson and Lisa Frattare

January 1998

As part of its on-going commitment to promote the livelihood of female astronomers, the Committee on
the Status of Women in Astronomy is pleased to announce an addition to their web site: the Women in
Astronomy Database. Spawned from earlier collections of contributed data, this site contains
professional contact and scientific research interest information on women in astronomy and other related
fields. Menu driven search pages allow easy browsing of alphabetical, geographical and scientifically
categorized information. We have also included easy web links to e-mail addresses, institutional and
professional web pages and a submission page.

The purpose of this list is manifold, and includes:

  • a convenient way to find female speakers (e.g., for colloquia, meetings, or public talks)
  • a source for soliciting female job applicants
  • a resource for newcomers and/or people isolated from large research centers (e.g., for women isolated
    at small schools)
  • quick access to statistical information about current positions, academic degrees, scientific interests, etc.,
    of today's women of astronomy.

We encourage all members of the astronomical community to use the information provided in this
database. The website can be reached at http://www.stsci.edu/stsci/service/cswa/women and may also be reached from the CSWA web pages.

Priscilla Benson, CSWA Chair. (pbenson@wellesley.edu) and Lisa Frattare, CSWA/WiAD web manager. (frattare@stsci.edu)

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