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“Summary of Women in Astronomy II Conference: Diversity Breeds Excellence”

by Meg Urry

January 2004

Editor's Note: Patricia Knezek

I would like to draw attention to the fact that Meg Urry provided an excellent and
comprehensive two part summary of the Women in Astronomy II Conference (WIA II) held
June 27 & 28, 2003 in Pasadena, CA, for the AAS Newsletter. Part I, entitled “Where do we stand?”
was included in the October 2003 issue, in the Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy
(CSWA) section. Part II, entitled “Where do we go from here?” appears in the December 2003 issue,
also in the CSWA section. Not only does that summary provide an overview of the conference as
a whole, but it also is an effective complement to the first two articles that appear in this issue of
STATUS. These first two articles discuss the graduate student and postdoc views of the WIA II
meeting, while Meg’s article covers the senior scientist point of view. The AAS Newsletters are
archived on the web at http://www.aas.org/ publications/newsletter.html and I encourage
those who haven’t already read this outstanding review to do so. For more information on the
meeting itself, please see http://www.aas.org/ ~cswa/WIA2003.html .

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