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The Poster Project: Using Visual Means To Challenge Stereotypes

June 2005

Decorate your lab, library or office. Give an inspiring gift to a niece or protégé who might be struggling to
combine art and science.

The primary goal of the Poster Project is to encourage scientific literacy, and to promote the
public's awareness and appreciation of science and technology by humanizing the image of research
science and scientists. Its other major goal is mentoring women and girls who choose to pursue careers related to the physical sciences and mathematics, and to retain, at the high school and university levels,
women who have already chosen such careers. The project represents an intersection between science
and art, gender socialization, and education. It visualizes women in science and the role of personal
choice in a life in scientific research.

The posters were co-designed by Artists Pamela Davis Kivelson (Margaret Kivelson’s daughter-inlaw)
and Inga Dorosz. There are 36 posters (24” x 36”) in the collection and they can be purchase as a
set ($500), in groups or individually ($35). Go to http://www.pdksciart.com/ to see the collection and
to order.

Recommended by Fran Bagenal (who persuaded 5 science departments to contribute to buy a
complete set of posters which are now hanging on the walls around the University of Colorado).

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