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January 2006


Page 1: Implementing Change and Finding Balance at NASA's GSFC by Amy Simon-Miller

Page 1: Career vs. Family - How "The Man" Can Help by Sarah Gibson

Page 5: The Balancing Act: A Postdoc's Perspective by Hannah Jang-Condell

Page 7: Dorrit Hoffleit by Pangratios Papagosta

Pae 13: 1984 Review of Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin's autobiography by Dorrit Hoffleit

Page 16: Book Reviews: Lifetimes and Beamtimes by Beth Hufnagel

Page 17: Apollo Fever by Fran Bagenal


Editor's Note
By Fran Bagenal

This issue of STATUS provides three different views of family-work issues. We aim to publish more articles on this theme in the future, exploring how different people and institutions are tackling what is a primary concern of many professional astronomers. Readers are encouraged to submit their perspectives. STATUS continues to celebrate women astronomers who have made major contributions to our field with an interview of Dorrit Hoffleit plus an insightful review she wrote of Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin’s autobiography 21 years ago. Finally, we have created two new sections in STATUS: Feedback of responses to articles in previous issues and Snippets that presents short pieces from the news.


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