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Dissertation Prize Citations

2010 Brian Metzger

The 2010 HEAD Dissertation Prize was awarded to Brian Metzger for his thesis on "Theoretical Models of Gamma-ray Burst Central Engines."

2011 Jeanette Gladstone

The 2011 HEAD Dissertation Prize was awarded to Jeanette Gladstone for her thesis entitled “Optical & X-ray Studies of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources,” work that was done while she was at the Durham University in the United Kingdom.

2012 Joey Neilson

Joey Neilsen (BU) accepted the 2013 Dissertation Prize from HEAD Chair Joel Bregman at the Monterey HEAD meeting. Joey's talk on "Winds of Change: The Physics of Accretion, Ejection, and X-ray Variability in GRS1915+105" covered the many strange behaviors of this black hole binary system and speculated about what we could learn about other such systems in the future.

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