HEAD High Energy Astrophysics Division

The David N. Schramm Award for
High Energy Astrophysics Science Journalism

Does my article qualify for the David N. Schramm award?

The David N. Schramm award is given by the High-Energy Astrophysical Division of the AAS, so eligible articles should have a link to subjects considered quintessential to the field of high-energy astrophysics. These include any articles with reference to:

* X-ray astronomy
* gamma-ray astronomy
* cosmic-ray astrophysics
* ultraviolet astronomy
* gravitational waves
* neutrino astronomy

Below are examples of articles, albeit noteworthy, that would be disqualified if submitted to the Schramm jury.

* An article on the big bang based on primarily on WMAP (or low-energy microwave/radio astrophysics) results
* An article on telecommunications and the dangers of Sun storms
* An article on skin cancer incidence and its links to overexposure to ultraviolet radiation from the Sun,
* An article on how easy it is to lose weight on Mars
* An article on global warming

If you have any doubts about an entry, please contact Ilana Harrus at "imh at lheapop.gsfc.nasa.gov".

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